Saturday Skin Care: Urban Rituelle Botanical Body Scrub

Urban Rituelle Botanical Body Scrub review on Saturday Skin Care
Urban Rituelle Botanical Body Scrub

About a month ago I received a lovely Urban Rituelles gift pack from one of the Ophthalmologists in town as a Christmas present (click here to see the original post and the other products in the pack). The Botanical Body Scrub was my favourite product out of the gift pack and the one that I have been using the most so I thought I would do a review.

Price: AUD$34.95 for 400gm 14.1oz

Availability: with a flat rate shipping of $10 anywhere in Australia. Check website for Australian and international stockists if you want to check out the products in person.


Description of the product from website:


Urban Rituelle Botanical Body Scrub

“With an uplifting blend of lemongrass, lemon myrtle, grapefruit & eucalyptus, this natural, skin softening scrub gently polishes away dead skin cells, promoting smooth, glowing skin.

Carefully blended with certified organic ingredients including Avocado Oil* to nourish, Jojoba Oil* to soften & soothe plus Grape Seed Oil* for skin renewal.

Also includes certified organic Safflower Seed Oil* to firm & tone, Coconut Oil* to pamper & protect as well as Chamomile Flower Extract* to heal. Naturally infused with an enchanting blend of essential oils to leave your skin gently fragranced”

+ It has an amazing smell, almost like a tart lemon/lime sorbet, which can be quite addictive. I’ve been u sing it almost every day the last fortnight (I know this is way more than recommended usage) just to get my fix of that heavenly lemongrass/lemon myrtle/grapefruit scent. The scent actually lingers on your skin for a few hours after the shower, which is a plus if you like it.
+ The body scrub does a good job of getting rid of dead skin with it’s largish granules, and feels great when you use it.
+ It is unexpectedly moisturizing for a body scrub. With all the oils in the scrub, it actually doubles as a moisturizing treatment. My skin is quite dry, and when I was using the scrub regularly I didn’t feel like my skin needed my usual body lotion.

–  I find that it tends to leave a residue behind on the skin, especially around my knees and the back of my neck, which is probably due to the high concentration of oils in the scrub which make the scrubbing particles adhere to skin even after rinsing.
This annoyed me at first, and so much that I was actually tempted to stop using it, but I realized that if I used a body wash after giving myself a good scrub,  this gets rid of the residue.
–  Price. $34.95 feels a little bit steep for a body scrub, which is the only reason I would hesitate to repurchase.

urban rituelle botanical body scrub
Urban Rituelle Botanical Body Scrub


Full Ingredients list :

Urban Rituelle Botanical Body Scrub – Lemongrass Blend

Sucrose*, Sodium Chloride*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Soybean Oil*, Rice Bran*, Silica*, Avocado Oil**, Jojoba Seed Oil**, Grape Seed Oil**, Safflower Seed Oil** Coconut Oil**, Matricaria Flower Extract**, Orange Oil, Lemongrass Oil*, Lemon Myrtle Leaf Oil*, Grapefruit Peel Oil*, Lime Oil*, Ginger Root Oil*, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil*, Citronella Oil*, Methylisothiazolinone, Citral*, Limonene*, Geraniol*, Linalool*.

Has anyone tried Urban Rituelles products? There are very few reviews that I can find on the internet, probably because the brand is relatively new.