Getting to know… Kirsten from Lanolips!

Meet Kirsten- fellow Aussie and creator of the Lanolips range. Lip, cuticle, and skin care hero.

1. How long has it been since you created Lanolips?

I created the company in 2003, but it took me a while to get all of the
formulas right…….a labour of love.

2. Why did you choose to focus on lips?

Lips are the dryest area of the body (with no oil glands) so this was always my
main problem. I figured if I could fix the lips I could fix anything.

3. Tell us about the sheep farm where you spent your childhood.

In a word I would probably choose ‘Graceful’. It was a massive property, with
an enormous amount of rambling natural open space mixed with bush scrub. The
trees, the fields, the natural chaos, the quiet and the bush noises, such
beauty in all of it. And as a child there were endless possibilities of fun,
from camping to homemade tree-houses, to milking cows, I have an enormous
amount of very precious memories.

4. What is different about the Lanolips Ultra Medical Grade lanolin, compared
with other “100% lanolin” ointments available?

As ULTRA Medical Grade, the grade of lanolin in Lanolips is 3 x times better
than normal Medical Grade lanolin, and more than 15 x times higher than
everyday lanolin. Lanolin is a sticky substance which collect impurities from
natural farming whilst on the sheeps wool – from pesticides, to the exhaust
fumes from a truck driving past the field. Lanolin from Mongolian wool was
found with traces of ash from the Gulf War Fires in the 90s! So its critical
that it is purified well otherwise these impurities and chemicals may cause
irritation and reactions (especially if you are going to ingest it from your
lips). Our Lanolips 101 Ointment is without a doubt the worlds best lanolin,
and its exclusive to us. Additionally I wanted my ointment to be less sticky,
more creamy and colourless and odorless. Medical grade lanolin (and all grades
below) are all yellow, tacky and have a farmy smell.

5. what are the most unusual ways you’ve heard people using Lanolips 101

On their piercings!! I didn’t ask where.

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6. What is your favourite colour in the Lanolips ointment with colour SPF

I actually like them all for different reasons… I probably end up using Dark
Honey the most, its just seems to be what I feel like putting on at the time I
leave the house in the morning.

7. Where are Lanolips products produced?

My products are all Australian made.

Reader Questions:

MissSensuous- are you creating any new products soon?

YES! There is a capsule body range coming early next year.

Dempeaux- do you think they will ever be a facility in Australia where we can
refine our own wool grease? (this is the reader with 3 spoilt pet sheep, for
those who are wondering)

The can refine basic grade, but not the level I use. I would like to say yes,
but I doubt it. It would cost many millions of $ for the equipment, and the sad
fact is (even with the equipment) the market in Australia wouldn’t be big
enough for it.

keepingupwithT- Will we see slanted tips on lanolips tubes?

The ointment is simply too thick to come out of any slant nib I have found in
the entire world (I have split a dozen tubes testing this), it is a work in
progress though….

HogSandwich- If the sheep in the Lanolips logo is wearing Lanolin, does that
make it cannibalism? (it seems there will always be a cheeky question on these

Yes she wears Apples, and she is very happy because she loves to be shorn in
Summer, and loves to see here fleece making women look good!

note: reader questions are submitted via twitter. To submit your questions for upcoming interviews, simply follow me @Jfunnyvalentine on twitter and keep your eyes peeled when I ask for reader input before each interview!

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