My MAC 4 pan ‘Absolute Essentials’ Pro Palette

This is the palette that never leaves my side. I called it the ‘absolute essentials’ palette in the title, but really, it’s more like my spleen.


MAC Pro 4 pan palette with Mystery, Print, Brule, Omega
MAC Pro 4 pan palette:clockwise from top left- Mystery, Print, Omega, Brule


I pull out this palette for every look that I do. It’s basically my workhorse palette, and you can tell by how dusty and scratched it is that I’m not very sentimental about it.

The eye shadows are:

– MAC Mystery: matte dark brown

– MAC Print: matte medium grey

– MAC Omega: matte, light beige grey.

– MAC Brule: yellow based beige.


I use Mystery and Print to fill in my brows. The combination works perfectly for my brow and skin colour.

Mystery and/or Print are both great colours to use to darken the outer V and/or use under bottom lashline. I often use these shadows by themselves if I’m in a rush and want a simple one shadow look.

MAC Omega I use to death to blend colours at the crease. It’s also a pretty neutral to use in it’s own right.

MAC Brule I use as a ‘clean up’. I use it with a large dense eyeshadow blending brush to correct the shape of my colours, or if I’ve put down an eye shadow too enthusiastically I want to tone it down a bit.


MAC eye shadows swatched: Mystery, Print, Brule, Omega
MAC eye shadows swatched: Mystery, Print, Brule, Omega


The empty pro palettes, as well as the pro palette refill eye shadows, are available at any MAC Pro store.


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