MAC Blackground Paint Pot: review and swatches

I’ve been using MAC Blackground paint pot a lot lately as a base for dark smokey eye looks (my Chanel Couture inspired FOTD for example). I love using it under eye shadow too deepen and intensify colours as well as to provide an extra layer of colour in case the overlying eye shadow wears off unevenly- I find that when eye shadow wears off unevenly, it doesn’t really matter so much with light colours, but looks awful in dark eye makeup looks.

MAC Blackground Paint Pot

MAC Blackground Paint Pot


Blackground Paint Pot is dark grey- black with very subtle cool gunmetal sheen. It looks quite dark when swatched but when applied on the lids I find that it’s a dark grey somewhere between MAC Print and MAC Typographic eyeshadows.


The MAC Paint Pots are similar to Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows in texture- they are hard to touch (as opposed to  than soft and whipped like the new Chanel Illusion D’ombre cream shadows).  There is a moderate amount of slip when you rub your finger on the surface.

Due to the hard and dryish texture I find that the product is difficult to pick up with a brush, so I prefer using my finger to warm up the product a little and then apply it straight to my lids. It applies smoothly this way, but you need to work quickly because I find it dries and sets on the lid within about 5 seconds.

MAC Blackground Paint Pot

MAC Blackground Paint Pot


Blackground Paint Pot works very well layered under powder eye shadow to add intensity and to give shadows something to grip onto.

Used on it’s own, I find that Blackground is completely smudgeproof but tends to crease a little and fade on the lids- at the 4hr mark, the product is half gone on my oily lids. When I set it with an eye shadow on top the fading and creasing is dramatically reduced so your smokey eye looks intense and crease free all night.

Blackground Paint Pot works beautifully as a product used to enhance a look but I don’t generally use it as a stand alone product for the reasons I’ve mentioned above- if you have less oil lids than me this could work very well by itself to create a quick smoky eye.

MAC Blackground Paintpot swatched heavily on left, blended on right

MAC Blackground Paint Pot swatched heavily on left, blended on right

I also own MAC Constructivist Paint Pot, and MAC Artifact Paint Pot both of which I absolutely love.

Do any of you use MAC Paint Pots, and how do you like to use them? I’d love to know.

Price: AU$35

Availability: MAC counters worldwide. This is part of their permanent collection and is not a Pro product.

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