MOR Lychee Flower Lip Nectar: review swatches and FOTD

MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower packaging

MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower packaging


Description taken from MOR website..

This high-gloss Lip Nectar renders sweet lips that beg to be kissed! Worn alone or over lipstick, create the perfect pout that will leave admirers swooning

Produced with sparkling sweet lychee flowers united with ripe Berries, soft powdery Florals and the slightest hint of Green Forest Woods

price: AU$19.95 / US$14.00

Availability: (ships internationally) , Myer department store (Australia)

MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower

MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower

While I was having a browse through Myer last week, I made a beeline for the MOR section to have a play with their products and better acquaint myself with their scents.

My greedy little eyes fell on the MOR Lip Nectars in probably the most elaborate packaging I have ever seen encasing a lip gloss. Of course, I needed wanted to make it mine. I picked Lychee Flower because it was a beautiful colour, and one of the more pigmented glosses in their range.


Lychee Flower deepened petal pink with no shimmer and an incredible glassy shine. So so beautiful.

It has quite good pigmentation for a gloss, with about 40% coverage with one layer.

MOR Lip Nectar Lychee Flower Swatch

MOR Lip Nectar Lychee Flower Swatched


I found the Lip Nectars quite comfortable on the lips, although they do have quite a thick texture, and a moderate amount of tackiness similar in feel to MAC Lipglasses. Personally I don’t mind a little bit of tackiness because it usually means that the gloss is going to be longer wearing.

I’d make sure to tie my hair up if I’m wearing this on a windy day though!

lip swatch: MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower

lip swatch: MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is one of the longest lasting lip glosses I own. This gives me almost 2hrs of wear time before I need to reapply (average for glosses on me is 1hr).

These glosses are actually quite moisturising as well, which is great at the moment because the winter has not been kind to my lips.


It might just be my nose, but I couldn’t really detect any scent at all on this gloss (maybe a slight plasticky lipgloss smell if I hold it right up to my nose). I find this a little strange seeing as MOR has a big emphasis on product scent, and their products are usually strongly fragranced.


Full face photo with MOR Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower..


FOTD featuring MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower

FOTD featuring MOR Little Luxuries Lip Nectar in Lychee Flower

Makeup breakdown:


– Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua mixed with NARS Sheer Glow 1:1


– UDPP and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on top just on mobile lid area.

– MAC Omega e/s crease

– MAC Reflects Antique Gold on mobile lid

-Urban Decay 24/7 liner in ‘Zero’


– MAC Blushcreme Posie

– Illamasqua Hussy Powder blush


– MOR Lip Nectar ‘Lychee Flower’

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