My blog woes and a thank you to website developer Peter Mac





As many of you would be aware through twitter, I have been having a pretty sh*t time the last couple of months with technical issues on My Funny Valentine. It’s shaved years off my lifespan and there is now a hole in my desk from the head banging.

The problem started soon after I moved from Blogger to WordPress. A handful of readers started noticing that they could not access my blog on their usual browser no matter what they tried- they would just get an error message like this:


Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/myfunnyv/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 2828

More and more concerned readers started coming forward with the same issue. For some, it would only be a transient problem and simply clearing their cache did the job- for others the problem stuck around for months.

The confusing bit was that there was no pattern in terms of browsers, links, or timing of the problem. I myself couldn’t see the problem, my host server’s technical support team could not replicate the problem, nor could anyone else I contacted for help. It’s hard to fix a problem that doesn’t exist on your computer!

Through all of this my readers have been unbelievably lovely, especially Dani from Call It Beauty, Charlotte from Lipglossiping, Violet from Violet Le Beaux, Jessica from Getting Cheeky, Jane from Modesty Brown,  and many others, for helping me through it with screenshots and advice.

I was inexpressibly relieved we finally sorted out the problems, hopefully for good. *knock on wood*

The last person I want to thank is Peter Mac .  He is a freelance software programmer and website developer who kindly agreed to help a blubbering, panicked idiot who knew infuriatingly little about computers (yours truly). Even though the problem was vague and didn’t show up on his computer; even though my little blog is nothing in the scheme of things; and even though I was of little help- he said he would try his best to fix it.

If I was trying to build a new website, Peter Mac would be the first person I would call. Not only does he have considerable experience as a software architect but he’s such a genuinely nice guy, with an amazing can-do attitude and a real passion for his work.  Where others I’ve contacted about this problem had told me that they can’t fix it if they can’t see it, Peter actually went out of his way to help me.

Highly recommended! You can find him at  and .


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