Healthy Summer 2011/2012 : part 1

During my visit to Sydney last weekend, I got a wakeup call. I hadn’t been back home to see my parents for a couple of months, and the first thing that my Mum said to me was:

“Jenny! You’ve gotten fat- what’s happened?”

This must be the first time in my life that my parents have said anything about my size. They’re not image conscious people. As you can imagine, this comment came as a bit of a shock. The bigger shock came later that night when my Mum cornered me while I was working on a blog post- and said in a low voice,

“So really, why have you put on all this weight- is there something you want to tell me?

I was mortified when I realised what she was alluding to, that I could barely get out the words “I’m not pregnant!”.



When I got over the shock of what my Mum had said to me, I realised that it was something I needed to hear. I really have gotten out of shape recently, and I’ve been too lazy to face the facts.

I used to love running, swimming, yoga, and being active, but I haven’t been able to really motivate myself to get back into regular exercise for a long time. When I tried going for a run last week (really, it was to test out the sweat resistance of sunscreens for my review) my stamina sucked and I actually felt a little nauseous after the run.

I’ve also been eating badly the last few months. Really badly- think sausage rolls for breakfast, Laksa for lunch at the local thai place, and dinners out. I’ve been having dinners out about 4x a week,  and I would often eat until I felt sick, because the servings in the country are HUGE.

This is a photo of me when I was happy, healthy, and probably at the peak of my fitness- around 2007. I realise that I’ll never be in my early 20s again, but I can certain try to get back to where my fitness levels were back then (I was regularly doing the 8km bay run at the time).


Me (left) with my ridiculous fringe, and my gorgeous friend K


I’m not as brave as Kimmi of The Styleless Diaries- who recently put up photos of her body shapes from 2009 to now in this post. I’ll just put the ‘before’ photos.

Ok, apart from the stupid facial expression and the fact that I look like I'm going to cry- I was happy and healthy here

I’ve been really impressed with bloggers that have been posting their healthy living goals  like Jade from Jade Musing, Jaime from Miss Chew and Stef from Read Cook Shop  . I think they’re really brave for putting a very personal journey up on their blogs, and I’m continually inspired by how hard they work.

I hope that by blogging about my exercise and healthy eating goals in this series that I’ll feel more motivated to stick to my goals- if I slack off I’d feel like I was letting my blog down!

Now, I know that weight/size/body image is going to be a touchy subject, and I’m not entirely sure whether how much detail I should go into. Should I put results of weigh-ins?

So that’s all for now. Will report back very soon with some sort of a plan 🙂