Peony, Taupe, Sheer Nude, Plum Spice – SAX lippies swatched and reviewed

There’s been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about the Australian drug store brand SAX cosmetics in the last 12 months, and I’ve been dying to try their lip products since reading Tine’s rave review of the SAX lip gloss in Coral (a drugstore product that could pass for Chanel? Yes please!).

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by their PR rep about trialing some of their lip products a couple of months back.

Prices:  $12.95 AU RRP for lip gloss  , $14.95 AU RPP for lipsticks

Availability: Selected pharmacies in  Australia and New Zealand – check for stockists.

SAX lip glosses in Taupe and Peony


SAX Peony lip gloss (top), SAX Taupe lip gloss (bottom)

SAX Peony lip gloss (top), SAX Taupe lip gloss (bottom)

SAX Taupe lipgloss

This is my favourite out of the four, and something that has become somewhat of a handbag staple lately.

SAX Taupe lipgloss is a gorgeous deepened rosy caramel with incredible pigmentation (medium to full coverage) and lasting power (about 2hrs which is way above average for a gloss on me). Taupe is one of those lippies that look amazing with anything from smokey eyes to no-makeup makeup looks.

It also wears very comfortably on the lips- cushiony, moisturising, and non sticky.

Only thing I don’t like about this otherwise stellar product is the strong vanilla batter scent, which is a little too sickly sweet for my liking – thankfully the scent fades quickly.

SAX Taupe lip gloss lip swatch

SAX Taupe lip gloss lip swatch

SAX Peony lipgloss

Peony is a pale, cool toned doll pink that is a favourite amongst quite a number of bloggers.

I’ve never been able to pull off cool toned pale pinks (they always make me look like a zombie, or a hooker, or in the worst case scenario- a zombie hooker) so I found Peony didn’t suit me. It does, however, look amazing on Stef (see her lip swatch here) .

It is a little sheerer than SAX Taupe lip gloss (sheer to medium pigmentation), and has the same lovely texture, great lasting power, and scent.

SAX Peony lip gloss lip swatch

SAX Peony lip gloss lip swatch


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SAX lipsticks in Sheer Nude and Plum Spice


SAX Sheer Nude lipstick (left) SAX Plum Spice lipstick (right)

SAX Sheer Nude lipstick (left) SAX Plum Spice lipstick (right)

SAX Sheer Nude lipstick

Sheer Nude is a sheer petal pink with a slight sheen. It has enough warmth to flatter most skin tones, and is a very versatile lip product.

Like SAX lip glosses, the lipsticks have a high end feel on the lips. Sheer Nude feels like the MAC Lustre finish lipsticks- balmy, silky, and lightweight. Lasting power is on the short side on me (1 hr)

SAX lipsticks have a christmas fruit cake type scent, again a little bit too sweet for my liking but it’s quite subtle.

SAX Pure Nude Lipstick lip swatch

SAX Sheer Nude Lipstick lip swatch

SAX Plum Spice lipstick

SAX Plum Spice is a great fall lip colour, and another one I have been wearing lots lately (I’ll post my FOTD with SAX Plum Spice in the next few days).   It’s a deep rose-brown semi opaque cream which looks fantastic with natural eye makeup.

Plum Spice has pretty decent lasting power (about 3hrs, which is above average for a lipstick on me), and feels great on the lips.

SAX Plum Spice Lipstick lip swatch

SAX Plum Spice Lipstick lip swatch


FInal thoughts:

Overall I was very impressed with the SAX lip products that I’ve tried- particularly Taupe and Plum Spice. The colours are sophisticated and interesting; the products feel high end on the lips; and the prices are irresistible.

Interestingly, the packaging of the SAX lip glosses and lipsticks seem to be modeled closely on Chanel packaging. The SAX lip gloss packaging looks just like the Chanel Levre Scintillantes, and the SAX lipstick tube just like the Chanel Rouge Allures.

Watch this space for some upcoming FOTDs featuring these SAX lippies!

SAX Plum Spice lipstick, SAX Sheer Nude lipstick,


disclosure: These products were sent to me by PR for editorial consideration.

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