Healthy Summer 2011/2012: Part 4

I think we’re somewhere around week 6 into Healthy Summer, and the last two weeks consisted of several epic fails but thankfully also some Win.

Epic Fail

The weekend before the last one was not good for Healthy Summer. I was in Sydney for 3 days, and when I’m in Sydney I always feel the need to eat my bodyweight worth of the following…

fried pork buns. NOM.

Beef brisket noodles. Get in mah belly!



… ¬†which is fantastic at the time, but when I’m eating those things all day long I end up so lethargic, bloated, and completely uincapable of getting anything done.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I did what I always do on the weekend- drink way too much. Not only does this mean that exercise was out of the question, but I was so incredibly tired on tuesday morning when I had to drive from Sydney to Lithgow at 7am that the only thing that could stop me from microsleeping (two cups of coffee and a red bull didn’t work) was taking up cigarettes again for the morning (TSK TSK). It took me two days after that to pull myself together. Slippery slope!


Thankfully after the naughty weekend (ok, by weekend I really mean about 5 days lol), it was business as usual.

To help get the ball rolling for the half marathon I want to do in 2012, I’ve signed up for a 10km road race in January with the Sydney Marathon Clinic. It’s very soon so I’m not expecting to get a competitive time- the goal is to have something concrete to work towards in the not too distant future, and also to get used to races (I haven’t really done a proper race since early high school. The City 2 Surf, which I didn’t really train for and barely made through alive, doesn’t count).

2 weeks ago, I decided that if I’m going to be running 4+ a week, then I had better learn how to do it properly- running is high impact and the last thing I want to do is destroy my joints and ligaments with poor technique and footwear.

keep reading after the jump!


I had already started to notice pain in my knees, the arch of my left foot, and the right side of my lower back with running the past month so I thought it was time to get fitted for decent running shoes (prior to this, I had always just picked whatever looked good and was one sale at Paul’s Warehouse- sigh). I took myself to the local Athlete’s Foot and got my foot shape and walking movement/pressure patterns measured on their impressive looking machines and walked out with a pair of awesome (but expensive) ASICS.

My friend K tells me that I’m a huge sucker for these marketing gimmicks, but the fact of the matter is that I have a pair of shoes that feel RIGHT. And I no longer have the knee/foot/back pain during or after running.

And here they are.. my new kicks:



I’ve been told (affectionately), that I have this amazing knack for sucking the fun out of everything. Like researching the historical context of a movie before watching it. It’s really quite tragic.

So of course, rather than just being content with running in a straight line I needed to make sure that I had the right running technique to maximise efficiency and reduce my chances of injury. So from the source of all knowledge (youtube) I found some really helpful tips on technique:

The main things I realised I was doing wrong was 1. I rotated my shoulders and torso way too much with each stride so that my hands would swing across the midline. This was a really inefficient, energy wasting way to run. 2. rather than hunching forward at the waist, I should bend forward at the ankle.

Running with proper technique after so many years of doing it my way felt strange at first, but I feel like after a few runs I’ve settled in and it feels comfortable and natural.


Starting weight- 54kg

Goal weight- 48kg

Current weight: 50kg.

The next couple of weeks will be a huge test of will power I think. The difficult thing when I’m in Sydney is that I’m not at my own place so we tend to eat out a lot, and of course drinking is a problem. Any tips?

Overcoming Obstacles....  You're doing it right!

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  1. Jamilla says:

    You’re doing brilliantly!! I know what you mean about eating dumplings and noodles – they taste great but are soooo bloating!

    BTW, you should also have gait analysis done at at Sports Medicine clinic – you probably need orthodics. I have custom made orthodics – you can’t beat them for getting rid of foot and knee pain.

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