Petrolatum Detox Chapter 7: Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner and Tint Conditioner


Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner and Tint Conditioner

Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner and Tint Conditioner


Shizen say…

Shizen’s products are petroleum and mineral oil free. This means they are free from petrochemical ingredients like triethanolamine (TEA), diethanolamine (DEA), paraffin, behentrimonium chloride and petrolatum. These ingredients are a by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline or petrol. In cosmetics they are known to be a great barrier, but don’t penetrate the skin and don’t add moisture. You can easily recognise it in lip products as it’s greasy and very slippery to touch. Shizen’s products are made free from these ingredients, and are made with only all natural, superior quality butters, waxes, vitamins and botanical extracts. So Shizen’s products provide an excellent barrier to protect your lips from the environment, and also provide moisture to your skin. Not slippery and ever so moisturising.

Hi guys!

As you know, I’m always on the lookout for petrolatum free lip balms for my needy lips. Some time last year, I heard about the Shizen range from the lip balm addict/guru Anissa from Beautifully Glossy blog and was intrigued.

The last few months I’ve been trialling their Lip Gloss Conditioner and their Tinted Lip Conditioner and have been delighted by both products.

The Shizen Lip Gloss conditioner is packaged in a cute apothecary style pot. It has a buttery balmy texture and a gorgeous citrus, lemongrassy scent – in fact, if you are a fan of the John Masters lip balm, you will love this. Fairly moisturising but I do find that when my lips are at their worst they still prefer the Jack Black balms.

The Shizen Lip Tint Conditioner is a sheer but buildable fuschia pink tinted lip balm. I’ve gone over my lips a few times to get the intensity of colour for the swatch and FOTD. It has similar hydrating properties to the Lip Gloss Conditioner in the pot.


Price: Shizen Lip Tint Conditioner-  $15.95, Shizen Lip Gloss Conditioner- $14.95



Shizen Lip Tint Conditioner

Shizen Lip Tint Conditioner 'Pinkie' swatch

Shizen Lip Tint Conditioner

Me wearing Shizen Lip Tint Conditioner in Pinkie


note: for a breakdown of the rest of the makeup, see this FOTD (I just changed lippies between the posts)


Here is a clip of the lovely Simone Wyndham talking about her Shizen lip care range.

note: these products were sent to me by PR for consideration 

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