Weekend diary: Brighton, Melbourne.

I love how the days are getting longer now in Melbourne. Last Sunday afternoon was warm, sunny, and light until 7:30. P and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and paid a visit to Brighton beach (a stone’s throw from where we live) for the first time.

After living in inland Orange, NSW, over 4 hrs drive away from the beach, it’s a nice change living so close to the water and now that it’s warming up I think I want to start jogging along the beach.

Brighton beach is remarkable for it’s 82 colourful Victorian era timber bathing boxes, which is a Melbourne cultural icon. Back in the day they were used as change rooms and as an escape from the sun and wind. Nowadays they are padlocked and god knows what they are actually used for but I read somewhere that they have been sold for upwards of $200,000 (only available to Brighton ┬áratepayers).


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