DIY Hair Colour Update: Balayage correction part 1

Hi everyone!

Just a quick hair update. On friday, I decided that I wanted to do something about my hair colour, and (since I had somewhat of a shocking salon colorist experience recently), I wanted to try my hand at doing it myself at home. .

I had a snoop around Hairhouse Warehouse during my lunch break, and with some help from the instore colorist, I picked up some professional grade hair dye and developer (what they use in their own salon). I think it turned out to be just over $20 in total, and would last me 4-6 applications for my purposes.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not at all experienced in hair coloring, I’m just completely reckless and willing to take risks with my hair. If you are more risk-averse I suggest you go to a GOOD colorist instead of attempting this at home.

At my previous colour appointment I wanted to go dark brown, with a subtle balayage that started from the ear line. Instead my hair was over processed, over bleached, and I got blonde green patches starting from the eyebrow height. I got it corrected somewhat, but I was still a lot more blonde than I liked, and I just kept getting blonder as the brown pigment at the top faded. At the same time, the very bottom of my hair was darker than my midlengths- to me that is a failed balayage. 

I was going to make an appointment to get the top darkened down to my ear line, but I couldn’t get a week day appointment that suited so I though- TO HELL WITH IT. I’LL DO IT MYSELF.

On thursday night I did a test strand- it went well, so last night I went ahead and did the entire process.  It urned out pretty much how I wanted. Not a huge change, but now I’m more balayaged brunette (as I had originally wanted) rather than blonde with roots 😛




I basically just mixed half developer and half dye. Applied it with gloves to dry hair taking care to start at the top and slowly drag the colour down over about 20mins so that the colour transition is smooth.

Then I washed it and applied a colour locking conditioner in.

In the last few weeks since, my blonde at the bottom started getting a little bit brassy so I might get a blue toner to combat the orange tones. I might even consider lightening the bottom a little to make the balayage more dramatic.