Healthy 2013: Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe

Hello all-

A super quick post just to share a recipe for what we had for dinner tonight. This time Phil cooked and I cleaned (I hate cleaning, but love eating everything he makes).

We stuck to the ‘dinner menu’ we planned 🙂 Hopefully it’s something we can make a habit of doing.



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Vietnamese Chicken Salad recipe: Serves 4

Salad ingredients:

– Freshly poached whole free range chicken, shredded.

– Shredded 1/4 cabbage (Phil used a vegetable peeler, clever man).

– One brown onion, one spanish onion

– A generous handful of coriander

– 1  cup of chopped spring onions

– 2 tbspn fried spring onions (out of a packet from asian grocers)


– 1 tbspn fish sauce

– 1/2 tbspn water

– 1/2 tbspn sugar

– finely chopped chilli 1 tspn

– finelly chopped garlic 3 cloves

* taste as you go along and adjust the ingredients to your taste.


How to:

1. Stuff chicken with chopped up brown onion, spring onions, and ginger. Rub salt all over it (quote: “you’ve gotta rub salt in every crease of that fucking chicken”)

2. Poach stuffed chicken until it it’s just cooked through. (takes about 30mins- turn off flame at the 20min mark)

3. Let chicken cool. Shred chicken with your hands.

3. Chop spring onions and shred cabbage and brown/spanish onion with a vegetable peeler (Phil’s genius idea to get onion sliced paper thin)

4. Roughly tear coriander and throw that in with the shredded chicken, cabbage, onion, etc.

5. Make dressing but bringing all the ingredients together in a pan and heat it up until the sugar dissolves.

6. Add dressing and fried spring onions in each serving bowl. I had about 2.5 bowls of that tonight and just topped up the dressing and fried onions as I ate.

note: DO NOT THROW AWAY CHICKEN STOCK. That stuff is magic. I use it as a soup base, and I’m planning to use this batch for making Tom Yum soup.

If there’s anything else you see on instagram or the blog that you want a recipe for, just give me a holler and I will post it when I get a chance 🙂

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