Lucia No. 10: Damask Rose And Cypress Soy Candle



We’ve been using candles more an more in our apartment lately, especially since Dizzy is spending some time in Sydney (shared custody arrangement. Don’t laugh). It’s a little bit of luxury with a nicely prepared meal, and the perfect ambient lighting for relaxing with a DVD and a glass of wine.

I was recently sent a Lucia no. 10: Damask Rose and Cypress soy candle by a company called Sapone, who make candles, home scents, and soaps.

If you haven’t heard of Sapone, here is a little bit about them:

We focus on natural and organic toiletries, including soap bars and liquid soaps, moisturizers, scrubs and massage oils. With ingredients that include vegetable oils such as olive, almond and coconut oil, shea butter and natural fragrances, our products are naturally derived as much as possible. 

… on their soy candles:

Blended with pure essential oils and natural 100% organic soy. Burning cleanly for
over 20 or 50 hours all Lucia candles are a safe and an environmentally friendly
alternative to existing petroleum based paraffin candles. Lucia’s organic soy is
sourced from farming collectives all over the world encouraging fair-trade



My thoughts:

The packaging and the candle itself is beautiful, and the scent from a single candle is faint but lovely. If you want the fragrance to fill the room you may need to burn a few of these at once. To me a set of 3 or 4 Lucia candles would make a lovely gift.


20 hour burn time candle votive $10.95

Availability: For a full list of stockists, see

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