Youtubed: Bright Blue Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial



Finally got my act together and filmed a makeup video for all those who have requested it over the last year or so. I’m still getting used to the settings so I decided to start with a super simple look and minimal chatter (I should NEVER be allowed to talk on camera. SO AWKWARD.)

Also- I only just discovered that my Canon 60D does not have autofocus function in video mode- so if I have a look of intense concentration on my face, it’s because I have 1 inch of wriggle room outside of which my face is totally blurry. Oh the pain of being a noob.


more pics and full makeup breakdown further down 🙂

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Mirenesse Inside Out 27hr Eye Liner: review and swatches



I was recently given the chance to try the new Inside Out 27hr liners from Mirenesse. I was fairly impressed with the performance of these on my upper lashline, and blown away by the pigmentation of the bright blue liner ‘Khnum’.

I’ve always shied away from using bright eyeliner but I found Khnum irresistable- so I wore it out on the weekend and am now a bright eyeliner convert (the makeup tutorial for that look will be up on youtube shortly). 

One word of caution- the liners are very soft, and the tip can crumble off if you’re not careful while sharpening the liner (kept happening to my Khnum mostly). If you keep it in your bag on a hot day it will probably melt- so don’t keep these in your bag on a hot day 🙂





Khnum:  Cornflower blue on STEROIDS. Full opacity in one swipe.

Atum: Deep khaki bronze shimmer. Buildable to full opacity in two layers.

Ra: Pink champagne. Sheer but buildable to medium opacity.



On the top lashline these liners last a good amount of time, with some minimal fading at the 6hr mark and a touchup required at the 8hr mark. Quite good for a pencil eyeliner, and on my oil slick eyelids it outperforms most eyeliners I’ve tried including MAC eye khol and the Urban Decay 24/7 liners.

I’ve never had much luck with pencil liners on my waterline, so I wasn’t surprised that these didn’t apply very pigmented on the waterline or stick around for more than a couple of hours. Only Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and MAC Fluidlines have any sort of success on my waterline out of the many many liners that I’ve tried.


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MAC bronzing powder in Golden and Bronze: swatches and review


MAC bronzing powder in Bronze

MAC bronzing powder in Bronze



Unlike many beauty addicts that I know I’m not really one to have a large collection of bronzers- I pretty much stick with one product that works and use it until it’s gone (can’t say the same about lip products!). I’ve had my ‘Old Faithful’ MAC Bronzer in Golden (pictured on the left) for over 2 years and as you can see I’ve really gotten my money’s worth out of it.

When I decided I was in the market for a new bronzer I decided to go a shade darker because I felt ‘Golden’ was probably a little bit too light for my skin tone when used as a contouring product, especially in the warmer months. Please welcome ‘Bronze’ as the successor to ‘Golden’ 🙂


MAC Bronzing powder in Golden and Bronze

MAC Bronzing powder in Golden and Bronze


MAC Bronzing powder in Golden and Bronze

Swatches: MAC Bronzing powder in Golden (left) and Bronze (right)


‘Bronze’ is the perfect contouring colour for my skin tone and is a shade darker than ‘Golden’. It has a matte-satin finish which I find to be perfect for natural looking contouring (my pet peeve is bronzers with shimmer or sparkle). I like to apply it in a C shape from my temple to underneath my cheekbones with a contouring brush.

You can see it in action when I upload my very first makeup tutorial youtube video later on tonight 🙂


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Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink 307 and Antique Pink 303: Review, Swatches, FOTD

Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink and Antique Pink

Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink (left) and Antique Pink 303 (right)


I’ve been mad about matte lipsticks lately. There are so many brands coming out with great matte ranges in recent times, and new matte formulas are getting better and better; In fact, some of them wear better on my dry lips than non-mattes (I would not have believed this possible 2 years ago).

The Burberry Lip Velvets are an example of a beautifully formulated matte lipstick, with a gorgeous colour range. I looked into the Lip Velvets after Yishan from Beauty Swatch recommended them to me, and eventually ordered Antique Pink, and Rose Pink from Nordstrom (see rest of haul here).



Burberry Lip Velvet Antique Pink is a matte beige taupish pink which reminds me of vintage sepia toned photographs. It’s full coverage in one layer and gives your lips a rather romantic soft focus look.

Burberry Lip Velvet Rose Pink is a matte deep rose pink with full coverage in one layer. It’s a very sophisticated pink, and has the same soft focus effect that Antique Pink gives your lips.

Both Lip Velvets are long wearing, apply silkily, and feel feather light on the lips. Matte lipstick perfection.


Burberry Lip Velvet Antique Pink (left) and Rose Pink (right) swatches

Burberry Lip Velvet Antique Pink (left) and Rose Pink (right) swatches


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Hair Products I’m Loving For Colour Damaged Hair

Hi all,

Here are some of the products I’ve been using for my hair- which has been damaged by repeated bleaching (especially at the last salon I went to). While I don’t think any commercially available product will be able to restore my hair structure to it’s original condition, I’m hoping to at least get it looking healthy and reduce breakages as much as possible until it grows out.

I’ve found that this combination of products have worked well for me thus far…



Leave- in conditioner:

Kerastase Oleo Relax

I found that this works really well on towel dried hair before a blow dry to make my hair feel healthy and not so frazzled in the parts that have been over-bleached.

Gloss serum/ mists:

Toni and Guy Gloss Serum*

Works well for straight styles to give it a ‘perfect’glossy look. It can be a little heavy for curled hair.

Kerastase Oleo Relax

When you use it on dry hair, it gives it a healthy shine and controls frizziness.

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray*

Great for giving glossiness and maintaining frizziness to my hair post styling. 




Redken CAT:

This protein treatment works to fill in porous hair to give it strength. I use it after I shampoo and leave it on for a good 10 minutes and although my hair feels like I’ve got nothing on it after I wash it out, the magic happens after you dry off your hair. 

Kerastase Nutri-thermique

Best. Conditioner. EVER. (full review here)




Sulphate free shampoo:

Moogoo Milk Shampoo (reviewed here)


note: products with an asterisk were sent to me by PR for consideration. 

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