My bathroom cabinet: Lip product organisation

Recently I overheard Jessica talking about a blogger with a YouTube Channel called ‘Organised Like Jen’ on twitter (of course, I didn’t literally hear Jess talking, but you know what I mean). The three words ‘organised like Jen’ ¬†uttered in the same sentence seemed so alien to my ears, so of course I stalked her channel. Jen is amazing, and a huge inspiration to other Jens like me.

That night I decided to do something about my bathroom cabinet, starting from my easy-access-favourite-lipsticks-area (separate from the other drawers of lipsticks which were not as loved) – which eventually became a mess of lipsticks that overflowed and started piling up vertically (and balanced rather precariously). Also, my lipglosses and lip liners were shoved in a separate drawer (see pics below).

I decided to have my most used lip products including lip liners, lipsticks, and glosses in the one place, and spent a gleeful 30mins ‘curating’ the easy-access-favourite-lip-products area in my bathroom cabinet. This has made mornings so much easier.

I also ended up organising the rest of my makeup, and came up with bags of things to gift, bin, and blog sale. It was SO SATISFYING.


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Please excuse the shitty photos here- the iPad 2 camera is a piece of crap.

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