1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD

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Gatsby fever has well and truly hit our shores, making it the perfect time to dabble with some 1920s flapper style makeup a la Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, and Josephine Baker.

I still haven’t seen Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Gatsby’ yet, but I’m looking forward to watching it for the makeup and costume. As a film, I hear that it is not really a faithful adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (the harsher critics even go as far as to doubt that Baz Luhrmann read the book all the way to the end), and that Baz Luhrmann has missed the point somewhat- celebrating rather than satirizing the excesses of the jazz age.

I don’t mind. I’ll be going to see ‘Gatsby’ to enjoy the film as something completely separate from the book. As long Carey Mulligan doesn’t play Daisy like Mia Farrow did in the 1974 adaptation – I’m happy.


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD



1920s makeup has a very distinct look, and is characterised by smouldering grey brown eye makeup with the depth of the colour concentrated on the inner part of the eye; a thin, archless brow; and lips that look like they are pouting even when relaxed. They say that the unusual eye makeup placement is designed to give a ‘damsel in distress’ look- which explains why I look a little upset in all my photos.

The best 1920s makeup tutorial I’ve seen is the one by Sam from Pixiwoo– really worthwhile watching if you are going to a fancy dress party.


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD


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Makeup breakdown:


– NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Fiji

 Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder  


Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime lids.

Becca Eye Tint in Pewter blended all over the mobile lid and extended upwards to meet the top brow at the inner edge. I use this as a colour base to intensify and extend the wear time of my eye look.

Inglot matte 329 (dark neutral brown) blended around the edges of the Becca Eye Tint in Pewter and also blended below bottom lashline. You want to get that 1920s eyeshadow placement where the colour is concentrated on the inner rather than on the outside part of the eye.

–  MAC Typographic eyeshadow (dark grey matte on bottom right of my Zpalette pictured) applied on top of  Becca Eye Tint in Pewter

–  Smashbox single eyeshadow in Champagne to highlight inner corner. I’ve made a slight departure from the classic 1920s eye here.


– I’ve blended MAC cream blush in Posie on the centre of the apples of my cheeks. I didn’t blend it out as far as I normally would have, keeping in line with the classic 1920s style.


– Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip liner #13 C

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipcolor in Bruised Plum 

– Halfway through photo taking I used Illamasqua Repulse Lipgloss (black) on top of the Tom Ford Bruised Plum to create a deeper, glossy lip. I quite like that effect, even though it’s not very authentic 1920s.


Becca Eye Tint Pewter, MAC Typographic


MAC Posie, Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Bruised Plum, Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD


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