BECCA Beach Tints Review: Peach, Guava, Watermelon

BECCA Beach Tints Review: Peach, Guava, Watermelon


The BECCA Beach Tints are a water resistant crème stain that tints both cheeks and lips. I’ve loved these as a multitasking product for years and brought them with me on many holidays- they are so easy to throw in a bag and you don’t need to pack extra brushes.

On the cheeks the Beach Tints give me a velvety ‘lit-from-within’ flush; on the lips the Beach Tints have a matte, diffused finish.

BECCA Beach Tints Swatch: Peach, Guava, Watermelon



Guava: powdery petal pink (part of the BECCA Spring Sun Chaser Collection– reviewed in my last post)

Peach: Peachy coral

Watermelon: sheer watermelon pink.

Pigmentation and longevity vary between the shades. Peach is the most pigmented of the three- packing a pretty decent coral punch on both lips and cheeks, followed by Guava. Watermelon is fairly sheer on my skin (even though it’s the darkest shade somehow it is super subtle on both  my lips and cheeks).


BECCA Beach Tints Swatch Guava

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BECCA Beach Tint Peach Swatch

BECCA Beach Tint Watermelon Swatch


Texture and performance:

Unlike most of the blushes on the market, these are water resistant -making them great option for beach or poolside as I’ve mentioned in the past.

On an average day, Peach and Guava both last longer than most cream blushes on me- a good 5hrs before slight fading. Watermelon fades in under 3hrs and I normally top up on the go when wearing this.

 How to use:

I like to blend a small dot of product on to the apple of my cheeks with a clean finger, and work in layers to get the desired intensity. I find that if I try to blend too much of the Beach Tint at once I end up with streaky, uneven application.


BECCA Beach Tints


note: Guava was sent to me by PR for review purposes. The other two Beach Tints I have purchased myself. 

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