After The Tears- Elsternwick, Melbourne

For a long time After The Tears in Elsternwick was my local watering hole- it was about 800m (well within stumbling distance) of my apartment, and the perfect place to escape to when I’ve run out of clean glassware. I still come here for the Van Gogh Coconut (infused vodka), borsht , and rollmops.

We were here last weekend and I thought I would bring my camera and snap some shots to share on the blog. Apologies if you have to squint to see anything in these images- it was so dimly lit where I was sitting that my autofocus didn’t even work.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend their infused vodkas, lychee martini (more tart than sweet- just the way I like it), ‘Apple Pie’, ‘the drink with no name’, ‘the cure’, and anything on the specials board.

If you are peckish I suggest the olives and fetta, their pierogi, the duck ragout with tagliatelle , the borsht, and the slow braised rabbit on gnocci. The hand cut chips are a little bit of a let down but otherwise everything I’ve tried has been pretty delicious.


Van Gogh Coconut- my usual. Coconutty, hazelnutty goodness.



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Olives and fetta. This fetta is FREAKIN TASTY.




note: After The Tears didn’t know I was writing this review. They probably just thought I was a weirdo that enjoyed embarrassing my poor boyfriend who was sitting at the bar.

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