Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to give a big shout-out to graphic design studio ‘Eyesberg’ run by creative duo Amy Suo Wu and Tim Braakman. Amy is an incredibly talented Sydney-born, Rotterdam based designer and educator at Willem de Kooning Academy. She also happens to be my cousin, who I grew up with in the wild wild west (-ern suburbs) of Sydney.

These are some examples of their work. Eyesberg studios also designs some pretty slick websites. One of these days she will kindly offer to redesign my blog and logos (*hint* are you listening, Amy?).


Holy Crapparel

” Eyesberg is a Rotterdam based (graphic) design studio motivated by conceptual and experimental approaches. Eyesberg consists of Tim Braakman and Amy Suo Wu. 

Next to running Eyesberg, Tim Braakman is also an independent illustrator, and one of the founding members of curatorial collective, Trailer. He has worked as project manager and assistant curator at Showroom MAMA.  

Amy Suo Wu has a hybrid practice as a designer, artist and educator. She teaches Design Research, Concept & Image, Hacking minor at the Willem de Kooning Academy. ” 


contact:  info@studioeyesberg.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/studioeyesberg

Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

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Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam
Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

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