Dietlicious Gourmet Delivery Service: Review

Dietlicious is an Australian company that specialises in home delivered healthy gourmet meals. I blogged about their 5 day cleanse a couple of years back, and was recently contacted by Dietlicious a few weeks ago about reviewing another one of their meal plans. It couldn’t have come at a better time- Phil was working interstate in the coming weeks and I was facing the prospect of cooking for one for an entire fortnight (realistically eating out more often than not).

I tried the 1800 calorie 7 day menu – which is designed to provide a healthy daily calorie intake for an average male (or a greedier than average female). I was delighted with how tasty and interesting the menu was- with wholesome breakfasts like Rye toast with hummus; hearty dinners like Arabian beef with sweet potato, tahini and almonds with side of herb couscous; and yummy smoothies and nibbles in between. My time-poor friend Jeff told me that he ended up ordering a 7 day meal plan after I told him about it)- he said everything was delicious and surprisingly filling.

It works well as a meal plan for busy individuals who want a balanced diet, and also works well as healthy ’emergency’ meals to be kept in the freezer.

A couple of important things to note with these meals- you will need adequate freezer space for the 7 day meal plan. I couldn’t fit everything in my smallish freezer and ended up thawing 2 days worth of food in the fridge to begin with. Unless you have a humungous fridge don’t order a 7 day meal plan for two people. Also- don’t make my mistake of putting the veges in the freezer (I didn’t read the clearly marked instructions on the front of the packet)

dietlicious GDS meals_-2

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Day 1

Breakfast frittata w pumpkin + quinoa
Matriciana sauce w bacon + chilli w penne
Banana smoothie
Arabian beef w sweet potato, tahini + almonds
Lemon + herb quinoa
Julienne carrots w honey

Day 2

Honey, vanilla + 5 seed porridge
Chicken cacciatore w quinoa
Protein ball w date + walnuts
Lamb tagine w apricots
Sweet potato mash
Broccoli w garlic oil

Day 3

Muesli w cranberry + almond
Texan beef wrap w corn + kidney beans
Nuts + seeds
Moroccan chicken
Brown rice
Carrots w honey

Day 4

Rye toast w hummus + tomato
Chicken tagine w quinoa
Mixed berry smoothie w LSA
Beef burgundy
Sweet potato mash
Green vegetables

Day 5

Breakfast beans w organic grain toast
Honey chicken w noodles + vegetables
Nuts + seeds
Salmon w basil pesto crust
White bean puree w thyme
Vegetable ratatouille w tomato + garlic

Day 6

Rye toast w hummus + tomato
Risotto provencale w tuna
Protein ball w date + walnuts
Chicken stroganoff w mushrooms
Basmati rice
Green vegetables

Day 7

Greek yoghurt w toasted muesli
Persian chicken w cous cous
Nuts + seeds
Greek meatballs w tomato sauce
Potato mash
Seasonal vegetables


note: Dietlicious program was provided by PR for review.