Spring Scents: Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Florale, Sisley Eau Tropicale



For years the original Issey Miyake was my ‘signature scent’, and I had gone through many bottles of the stuff in my time. I hadn’t really considered purchasing an Issey flanker until I planned a big (ish) US perfume haul and thought ‘why not?’. Also- Phil really liked this scent when I sprayed it on my wrist in a department store, and I like wearing scents that he likes.

Florale (EdT) is described as a floral fragrance featuring mandarin orange, rose, lily, and woodsy notes.  On my skin, it is a delicate, transparent, rose scent- I imagine a sweet rose garden after the rain (but with no green or leafy scents). There is that Issey Miyake backbone to it that I can’t really describe- a sparkly aquatic-ness with a hint of wood. It is much more feminine than the original, and feels younger (probably a touch too youthful for my taste), and more linear/minimalist. I feel ridiculous wearing this during the winter (and more so wearing it at work)- but this would be lovely as a day time spring scent if you like youthful, simple florals.

Longevity is about 2 hrs until it becomes a skin scent, so bring a decant with you. Would I buy it if I had my time again? Not sure. I’ll try it when spring comes around and get back to you.




Sisley launched Eau Tropicale in 2014- this spring/summer fragrance is inspired by ‘the atmosphere of a tropical forest after the storm and rain’. Sisley launches its new fragrance Eau Tropicale in March of 2014. The fragrance is inspired by the idea of a tropical forest after the rain. It is described as a floral-chypre scent with top notes of bergamot, exotic ginger flower, hibiscus, frangipani and passion fruit, middle notes of violet leaf, Turkish rose and tuberose, and base notes of cedar, patchouli and ambrette seed.

On my skin, Eau Tropicale opens with a blast of sweet tropical fruits, as the scent settles on the skin after a couple of minutes, it develops into a more sultry violet and patchouli dominated scent that feels like an evening fragrance. On my skin I can’t really detect the woods, rose, and tuberose- which is a shame, because that would lend a nice balance to the scent.


 note: Eau Tropicale was provided by PR for review purposes. Click on PR tab for editorial policy.