MUSQ Skincare Reviewed: Hand Wash and Face & Body Exfoliant

MUSQ Skincare Reviewed: Hand Wash and Face & Body Exfoliant


A lovely package from Musq arrived on my doorstep a month or so ago. They are a luxe Australian beauty and skin care company who are all about natural and ethical ingredients.

This is the first time I’ve tried products from the brand- I really enjoyed their hand wash and the exfoliant.

The Face and Body Exfoliant ($42/70g) features montmorillonite mineral particles, rose water, rice powder, and essential oils. It has this amazing airy dry souffle like texture- I haven’t seen any formulation quite like it. When you massage it into wet skin it lathers a little and stays on the skin well (pet hate with body scrubs is when they drop off the skin while you’re exfoliating, leaving most of the product on the floor). The exfoliating particles are the perfect size and roughness as a body scrub, although far too coarse for delicate skin on the face (so I’m not sure how it can be considered a face scrub). It is a delight to use, and it does a good job! My only complaint here is the small size of the tub for the price.

The hand wash (500mL/$29), which features lemon myrtle, mandarin, eucalyptus and tea tree oil, is kind to the skin and smells like a boutique spa- it also looks gorgeous on my bathroom sink. Makes me look forward to washing my hands!

MUSQ Skincare Reviewed: Hand Wash and Face & Body Exfoliant MUSQ Skincare Reviewed: Hand Wash and Face & Body Exfoliant


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