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Mine at last! : Lancome Color Design matte lipstick in Corset review and swatches

Hello lovely readers!

When I first saw Christine’s (from Temptalia) review Lancome Mix & Matte Collection: Matte Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches, I fell deeply in lust with ‘Corset’.

lancome color design matte lipstick corset review
… which only increased when I saw pictures of Christina Hendricks at the 2010 Emmys. She’s wearing Lancome Corset as a stain with Lancome Color Fever gloss in Cyber Coral on top.
christina hendricks wearing lancome corset lipstick at emmys


Corset is a semi-matte pigmented coral pink. It has a just detectable pale gold microshimmer in it that is visible in direct sunlight- in natural light it just gives Corset a beautiful glowiness.

Texture wise the Lancome Color Design Mattes have made a big splash amongst the beauty blogging community because they have none of the chalkiness, dryness, and tugging associated with matte lipsticks. When I tried it I was also pleasantly surprised at how silkily it applied on the lips and how comfortable it was to wear throughout the day for a matte lippy. Of course, it did not actually add moisture to my lips like a gloss or a MAC lustre finish lipstick, but it didn’t dry them out either.

Staying power and pigmentation:

Staying power is reasonable. 3hrs on average on me. Pigmentation is quite good, with full coverage in one swipe.

Here is a swatch of Corset nestled between NARS Heat Wave and MAC Speak Louder to give you a good idea of the colour in context…

skin swatches Nars Heat wave, Lancome color design matte Corset,MAC speak louder lipstick
from left: NARS Heat Wave lipstick, Lancome Color Design matte in Corset, MAC Speak Louder lipstick


Lancome Color Design Matte lipstick in Corset, natural lighting

Lancome Color design matte lipstick Corset face of the day
Lancome Color Design Matte lipstick in Corset, indoor lamp light
Lancome colour design matte lipstick corset lip swatch
Lancome Color Design Matte lipstick in Corset lip swatch


Dizzy won’t stop pawing the Lancome lipstick cap.


my cute kitty playing with makeup
… it’s a miracle I get any photo taking done with him sitting there waiting to pounce.


There are 8 Lancome Color Design Matte lipsticks available: Bronze Show, Corset, Lucky Kiss, Pink Preview, Plum Show, Posh Pink, Stylista, and Red Haute.
Unfortunately it is a US exclusive, and also only available at Macy’s and the Lancome website so it is not easy to buy outside the US. I purchased Corset through Shopaholiques (which is a mail forwarding service) and they used their US credit card to order the products for me.
click here to read my previous post  on my experience with Shopaholiques.
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Dizzy pic of the day

The other day I spent about 5 minutes looking for Dizzy. Guess where I found that naughty little cat?

Target locked. charging lasers.. OPEN FIRE!

…btw can I have tuna casserole for dinner?

What is the strangest place you’ve found your pet? Share!

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Sweet as a peach (on the beach): BECCA Beach Tint in Peach Swatch

For our work christmas party, my boss has paid for all of us to go for a weekend in Manly, including two nights at a hotel, surfing lessons, and massages- how nice is that?
We’re all leaving tomorrow morning so I’m doing some last minute packing. I’m taking a big bottle of my favourite sunscreen ‘Invisible Zinc’, and some waterproof beauty items that I can wear. I don’t wear a lot of makeup to the beach but I like a little bit of colour on my face so I don’t look like the undead.
I will probably just use a small amount waterproof brown eyeshadow like my Laura Mercier satinee creme eye colour in rum satin to fill in brows (I feel very naked without my brows filled) and my new BECCA Beach Tint.
BECCA Beach Tint Peach
BECCA Beach Tint in Peach swatch


BECCA Beach Tint in Peach applied on cheeks and lips
With BECCA Beach Tint in Peach on cheeks and lips

?BECCA Beach Tint is a cream lip and cheek stain. It blends beautifully leaving a streak-free extremely natural looking flush. It is truly waterproof and will only come off with cleansing products. It sits comfortably on both cheeks and lips with no drying or flaking.

The only bad thing about going away for the weekend is that I will miss my kitty terribly 🙁

He loves sitting on the piano because it is a high vantage point where he can spy with ease
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Me with my little tom cat ‘Dizzy’. He also responds to ‘Dizzycat’, ‘Babycat’, ‘Da Diz’, ‘Evil weevil’, and ‘It’s dinnertime!’

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