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Ellis Faas Autumn Set 2011: review and swatches

Ellis Faas Winter Set

Ellis Faas Winter Set


Following the gorgeousness that is the Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011(I reviewed this here), I was very excited to hear about the recently released Autumn 2011 Set which contains:

– the petrol Milky Eyes E204

– the black Mascara E401

– the deep-cherry Creamy Lips L102


Price: $80 USD  (shipping to Australia is $7.50 USD the last time I checked)

Availability:  (this particular set hasn’t been released in Australia yet, but will probably make it’s way to Mecca Cosmetica sooner or later)


Ellis Faas Winter Set

Ellis Faas Winter Set


Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L102

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L102

Creamy Lips L102

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L102 lip swatch


Creamy Lips L102


Creamy Lips L102 is a burgundy/cherry colour, which you can deepen with a second layer to create an ultra dramatic vampy lip. Those that know me won’t be surprised at all to hear that I LOVE. THIS. COLOUR.


The Creamy Lips are somewhere between a lip stain, and a liquid lipstick. It glides on and feels completely weightless on the lips.


L102 has terrific staying power, and will last about 4hrs before any significant fading (average for a lipstick on me is about 2.5hrs).

However, it is NOT a low maintenance lip. You really need to prep your lips before using this product-  L102 stains flaky dead skin on the lips and can also accentuate lip lines if your lips are particularly dehydrated. If you have dry lips like I do, make sure you exfoliate your lips and let some lip balm sink in before you use this.

Creamy Lips L102 is totally worth the extra prep work though- it’s so beautiful.


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Here comes the sun… Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011


Ellis Faas Summer Set

Ellis Faas Summer Set


I was delighted to discover an Ellis Faas Summer Set in my mail a few weeks ago. The winter here has been long and bitterly cold so I was so glad to see a little glint of summer, even if it came in the form of makeup (who am I kidding- especially when it comes in the form of makeup!)

The Summer 2011 Gift set is a selection of products that aims to ‘create a bronzed summer look’

– Light E303
– Blush S303
– Glazed Lips L309


price:  US$85.00

availability: MECCA Cosmetica (Australia), Bergdorf Goodman (US) (international)

note: last time I checked, shipping to Australia from the Ellis Faas website was $7.50.



Ellis Faas Summer Set

Ellis Faas Summer Set


Ellis Faas Summer Set

Ellis Faas Summer Set

Light E303


Ellis Faas Summer Set- Light E303

Ellis Faas Summer Set- Light E303


E303 is a gorgeous bronze-gold with a highly metallic finish.

Although I have lots of bronze-gold eye products already, E303 is worlds apart from the products in my collection due to the intensity of the colour as well as it’s incredible wear time and resistance to both fading and creasing with no need for primer!

In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen anything perform on the eye quite like it.

The packaging is my only issue with this product. I find it a little awkward to use, especially if you are trying to blend the product on your eye with the applicator- the more you blend, the more product oozes out and you just end up with way too much. I think the best way to get around this problem is to apply the product with the brush applicator and then use a separate brush to blend.

note: the photo of E303 on my lids really does not do this product justice. The eyeshadow is 100x more intense in real life.

Ellis Faas Summer Set- Light E303

Ellis Faas Summer Set- Light E303 applied to lids

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Ellis Faas loves your lips: L101 and L307 review and swatches

Human Colours®
Ellis Faas based the whole collection of her brand on the colours that by nature exist in every human body. From all tones of foundation to every lipstick and eyeshadow, the shades are inspired by the human body’s owns colours.
From the tawny peach of a freckle to the pure, vivid red that pulses through our veins, the ELLIS FAAS Human Colours collection looks to the human palette for inspiration. The colours that exist naturally in our bodies are complex and rich, but they’re also universal, shared by each and every one of us. Based on this universal spectrum, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours complement all skin tones, and when it comes to looking one’s best, what better way to highlight a great feature or mask an imperfection than with tones and hues that already exist in each of us? 
[taken from Ellis Faas website]
I’ve always been fascinated by the Ellis Faas concept, and after some glowing reviews I’ve read recently (Sarah Hassan’s blog,  Dempeaux, Witoxicity), I decided that I had to get my greedy little hands on some Ellis goodness!
Being a lip product fiend, I chose two lippies (it was an agonising decision, especially with the gorgeous reds available): The L101 (aka Ellis Red) in their ‘Creamy Lips’ range, and the L307 in their ‘Glazed Lips’ range.
 Ellis Faas Glazed lips L307 Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101, Ellis Faas Glazed lips L307
Ellis Faas products are packaged in bullet inspired pen dispensers which look and feel incredibly swanky. To get to the product you turn the base of the pen, and you’ll hear the dispenser click as it pushes the product out. In the creamy lips range, the tip of the pen is an oval pad, whereas in the glazed lips range there is a brush tip.
My only concern with this style of dispenser is it’s difficult to keep hygienic if you keep the lippy for a while- does anyone know how I might be able to clean the tip?
Ellis Faas for lips bullet packaging
Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red 
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red applicator
Glazed lips L307  
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May FOTD Challenge: Geisha

I had a lot of fun doing this look for Sara May‘s May FOTD Challenge series. Check out her blog for her Challenge FOTDs (which are both inspiring and very humbling for me).

Then I applied more lippy… I realise now I prefer the first image….

When I first saw the gorgeous Inglot Matte 382 (a vibrant reddish pink) I bought it because it reminded me of Geisha makeup (which I absolutely LOVE). I knew it would come in handy! Like all Inglot shadows that I own, it is very pigmented but applies like silk and blends like a dream- so it can easily be used as a blusher.

And of course, I must mention that the Ellis Faas creamy lips in Ellis Red (L101) is a red lipstick lover’s wet dream. TMI?

Makeup breakdown:

-NARS Smudgeproof eye shadow base
– Inglot e/s 382 (matte reddish pink) on lids and temples ( see review/swatches here )
– Bobbi Brown gel eye liner black
– Smashbox single eye shadow ‘champagne’ on inner third of top lid, and inner corners.
– MAC Carbon for brows

– MAC Mylar e/s (I scraped some off and used a powder brush to apply to my face, mostly in the centre)
– NARS Sheer Glow ‘Fiji’
– Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 to draw dots above eyebrows.

– NARS Sheer Glow ‘Fiji’ to erase lips
– Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 (Ellis Red) drawn in exaggerated pucker
– MAC pigmented ‘Jardin Aires’ highlight cupid’s bow.

On Tuesday I did the ‘Rock Chic’ challenge, and coming up we have ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Pin Up’, ‘Bold Lips’ and lots more so stay tuned!

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