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Mineralogie Spring Collection: Hustle and Orchid Eyeshadow Review


Mineralogie Mineral Makeup launched their Spring collection for 2014 in August, and I’ve been test driving these products since then.

The collection features two blush duos (Sunset & Riviera, and Harmony & Wallflower), Hustle pressed eyeshadow (a shimmery bronze), Orchid eyeshadow (velvet finish pale lavender), and an unusual lipstick colour for a Spring release- Purple Velvet. There’s a bit of unexpected Vivienne Westwood in this collection I think!

This is the first time I have tried the brand, and I’m pretty happy with the quality so far.




Hustle is a rich bronze with subtle shimmer. It has a soft, finely  milled texture and excellent colour payoff. I have worn this as a single eyeshadow blended on the upper lid, as well as part of a night time bronzey smoky eye- it works well both ways and I feel it is quite a versatile product.

It reminds me of the bronzey side of NARS Surabaya Duo, but Hustle is lighter and warmer.

Orchid is one of those eyeshadows that looks very different on an arm swatch compared with what it looks like blended on the eyelids. On the arm, it looks like a super bright lilac pastel. On the eyes it is a more subdued grey lilac- sheer but buildable pigmentation. This makes it a lot more within my comfort zone!

A good shade for Radiant Orchid 2014 Pantone Colour of the Year.

Both Hustle and Orchid stay vivid the entire day on top of my usual Too Faced Shadow Insurance. There is some creasing with Hustle at the 4-5hr mark but otherwise I’m impressed with the longevity and performance of both shadows on my oily lids.


Minerologie Spring Collection: Hustle and Orchid Eyeshadow

Minerologie Spring Collection: Hustle and Orchid Eyeshadow

Spring makeup Radiant Orchid


Price: $29.95


Stay tuned for my review of the Mineralogie Blush Duos and their Purple Velvet lipstick from this collection! Due to be posted 2 days from now.

note: products were provided for consideration by PR. 



note: these products were sent by PR for review. For editorial policy see PR tab.


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Citron Pop with MAC Bitter + Neutral Face FOTD

Citron Pop with MAC Bitter + Neutral Face FOTD

Mac bitter eyeshadow, Illamaqua Naked Rose blush, Chanel Impertinence extrait de gloss

I was reading this post on one of my favourite beauty blogs ‘Anatomy of Beauty’ last week, and  I loved the bright zesty pop of green that Blanka used, made so wearable by the neutral taupe in the crease. I realised that I had not yet touched my MAC Bitter eyeshadow that I had purchased quite some time ago, and decided to take Bitter for a spin on Friday.

Bitter is a velvet finish citron-chartreuse, with sheer to medium pigmentation. I find that I need a matte white base for Bitter to show up properly on the lids- which surprised me after seeing so many  super pigmented swatches of Bitter around the internetz. It’s a gorgeous colour, though, and if you’re looking for a delicate chartreuse for Spring- Bitter works wonderfully.




Light green and taupe eyeshadow + neutral face FOTD

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Copper and Burgundy Warm Smoky Eye: NARS Surabaya FOTD

NARS Surabaya and Chanel Revelation Blush Creme FOTD_-2

NARS Surabaya and Chanel Revelation Blush Creme FOTD_


I seem to be having an ongoing love affair with warm eyeshadows this year- since getting my hands on the  Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita eyeshadow quad, and the NARS Surabaya Eyeshadow duo, I feel like wearing nothing else but variations on reddish burgundy.

NARS Surabaya and Chanel Revelation Blush Creme FOTD_-3

NARS Surabaya and Chanel Revelation Blush Creme FOTD_-4

Makeup breakdown:


- Too Faced shadow Insurance to prime.

-  Matte camel shade from Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Quad applied all over the top lid with a fluffy brush.

- Becca Eye Tint in Gilt applied to the inner 2/3 of the upper lid, stopping before the crease.

-  Yellow toned copper shade from NARS Surabaya Duo (left side) packed on to the inner 1/2 of the upper lid, and blended under inner 1/2 of the bottom lashline.

- Burgundy bronze shade from the right side of Surabaya applied heavily to the outer V, taking colour further out towards the temple,  and lightly blended in crease.

- Same burgundy bronze blended under bottom lashline, concentrating colour on the outer 1/2 of bottom lid and connecting to the colour on the top lid.

- Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink Gel Eyeliner to line upper and lower lashline and waterlines.


Chanel Revelation Le Blush Creme de Chanel


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy 

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Radiant Orchid inspired FOTD: Purple, pink, grey and gold.

Radiant Orchid inspired FOTD with MAC Scene, MAC Fig 1, MAC Gold pigment, MAC Pink Swoon blush, and Becca Guava Beach Tint

I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve done a FOTD makeup post outside of a review, and I think part of that is because I’ve had most of my stash in boxes for the last 6 months.

It’s good to be finally settled in and unpacked after such much moving around. The majority of my beauty things kept in boxes in Sydney have arrived safely, and I’ve got my makeup essentials/favourites arranged neatly in my new Makeup Box Shop acrylic organiser.

There is a tragic side to this story, unfortunately. My favourite lip products (shown together in this post) have gone missing. I painstakingly packaged them in bubble wrap with some other valuables- my backup external hard drive, Phil’s point and shoot camera- and it has all been lost in the move between Melbourne to Canberra (via Sydney). I suppose there’s no point in fretting- don’t lip products have a 2 year expiry anyway?

Do you guys throw out lip products after a certain period, or do you tend to keep your favourite items for years longer than recommended like I do (my working theory is- that if it looks ok and smells ok then it stays).


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Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches, FOTD




I had heard good things about the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line, so when Indigo Kir Royale told me that she was going to pick up a few things from Selfridges, I jumped at the chance to do a combined order (haul post here).

The Dolce Vita palette ( £38.00) is inspired by  screen sirens Sophia Loren, Monica Belluci, and Penelope Cruz,  featuring rich burgundy and golden shades that I love wearing in autumn. It is quite a versatile palette if you have a few neutral mattes on hand- you can do a bold editorial styled volcanic smoky eye (a la Gucci S/S 2014), a soft rosy eye look, or a garden variety warm bronzey eye (like I did below).


Apart from the glittery copper shade, the 3 other shades in the palette have a lovely buttery texture and blend easily. The glittery shade has a hard texture that is difficult to pick up with a brush- it is  best applied by pressing it on the lid with a finger.


Longevity is not amazing. I find that the eyeshadows in this palette do have a tendency to fade after about 5 hours unless I build up the colour with multiple layers- I would recommend priming well before applying to ensure all day wear. Disappointing, but not a deal breaker for me.


Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches, FOTD


Colour (clockwise:

Top left: pale pink champagne in a frost finish and sheer to medium pigmentation.

Top right: bold rusty burgundy in a shimmery metallic finish and full pigmentation.

Bottom right: khaki brown with subtle gold shimmer and medium buildable to full pigmentation.

Bottom left:  Copper glitter on a transparent base. I was hoping that this shade would be more pigmented/ dense (like a pressed version of Illamasqua Ore)

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