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Kinn Thai, Canberra: Straight, No Chaser

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This morning I was having a conversation with a patient about how it is so ingrained in the Asian mindset that the best Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese food is usually cheap, cheerful, and humble. There’s always a little bit of resistance (from me and my partner) to fine dining or hipster-ized Asian food, even though I readily admit that it’s not really a good attitude to have, because you do end up missing out on some truly spectacular meals.

A good recent example of this is Kinn Thai in Canberra, which opened up a couple of months ago. We must have walked past it 20 times while looking for dinner options, and it was only last week when we tried it for the first time.

The food is out of this world- we ended up going twice in one week.

The second time I took my camera, and these are some of the dishes we tried….



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Peruvian Cerviche Recipe on Straight, No Chaser

My favourite Peruvian dish is cerviche- which features fresh raw fish marinated in lemon juice, garlic, ginger, and aji peppers. We went pretty mad for cerviche during our trip to Chile and Peru (consuming a cerviche almost every day we were there), so I was really happy about getting a chance to how to prepare an authentic Peruvian cerviche during a cooking class in Cusco. We were taught by a chef from Lima.

Peruvian Cerviche Cooking Class Recipe

Peruvian Cerviche Recipe


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Eating Adelaide: The Daniel O’Connell- Street ADL- Chinatown – Estia

Eating Adelaide: The Daniel O'Connell- Street ADL- Chinatown - Estia Eating Adelaide: The Daniel O'Connell- Street ADL- Chinatown - Estia Eating Adelaide: The Daniel O'Connell- Street ADL- Chinatown - Estia


The Daniel O’Connell gastropub in North Adelaide takes the concept of traditional Irish fare with a creative twist to daring lengths. They also went to town with their drinks menu- their ‘Old Fashioned’ uses bacon infused bourbon, and their ‘A Sangre Fria’ Mary uses vintage sirloin washed vodka (I enjoyed that! Like a chilled raw soup in a glass. Strange, but delicious,).

Phil and our friend Jeff shared a Sunday Roast for two, and I ordered the vintage sirloin with leeks, spring onions, and whipped fat. The boys picked the hits, and I picked a miss. Bugger. Their roast beef was perfect. I picked the more interesting dish, but found that the flavours didn’t sit well with me- pickled spring onions (supposed to be inspired by kimchi), smelt like feet; and the cold whipped fat tasted was exactly as it sounds, now that I think about it.

Apart from my meal, everything else was gorgeous. The interiors, the atmosphere, the service, the interesting drinks- all thumbs up.

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Straight No Chaser: Chop Shop, Braddon

Just when you thought that Lonsdale St couldn’t get any more hipster, they crowded funded an arts and music space in an abandoned warehouse called the Chop Shop.






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Dietlicious Gourmet Delivery Service: Review

Dietlicious is an Australian company that specialises in home delivered healthy gourmet meals. I blogged about their 5 day cleanse a couple of years back, and was recently contacted by Dietlicious a few weeks ago about reviewing another one of their meal plans. It couldn’t have come at a better time- Phil was working interstate in the coming weeks and I was facing the prospect of cooking for one for an entire fortnight (realistically eating out more often than not).

I tried the 1800 calorie 7 day menu – which is designed to provide a healthy daily calorie intake for an average male (or a greedier than average female). I was delighted with how tasty and interesting the menu was- with wholesome breakfasts like Rye toast with hummus; hearty dinners like Arabian beef with sweet potato, tahini and almonds with side of herb couscous; and yummy smoothies and nibbles in between. My time-poor friend Jeff told me that he ended up ordering a 7 day meal plan after I told him about it)- he said everything was delicious and surprisingly filling.

It works well as a meal plan for busy individuals who want a balanced diet, and also works well as healthy ’emergency’ meals to be kept in the freezer.

A couple of important things to note with these meals- you will need adequate freezer space for the 7 day meal plan. I couldn’t fit everything in my smallish freezer and ended up thawing 2 days worth of food in the fridge to begin with. Unless you have a humungous fridge don’t order a 7 day meal plan for two people. Also- don’t make my mistake of putting the veges in the freezer (I didn’t read the clearly marked instructions on the front of the packet)

dietlicious GDS meals_-2

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