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Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra

Great live jazz bands every Wednesday night, and an amazing cocktail list.

We were here A LOT.

Tucked away upstairs at Garema place, Civic (I had a lot of trouble finding it the first time- just for the green Hippo Co sign and a small staircase next to Happy’s Chinese Restaurant), this prohibition-style bar with an extensive whiskey list reminds me of The Baxter Inn in Sydney. The Siglo cocktail is mandatory (smoked cinnamon, Gosling Rum, Amaro Montenegro, Dolin Rouge, Fresh Pineapple Juice).

Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra  Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra  Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra

 Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra   Jasmine Martini and Cocktail with Smoked Cinnamon  

Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra  Canberra Live jazz at Hippo Co

Canberra Live jazz at Hippo Co

Garema Place, Canberra City  •  (02) 6247 7555


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Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

Port Fairy, voted “the world’s most livable community with a population under 20,000″, is a pretty coastal town with a pretty name a little past the end of the Great Ocean Road. This was my second visit to Port Fairy- the first was about a month ago with my partner when we were exploring the area, and the most recent trip last week was  purely for the sake of visiting Coffin Sally.

Their salami, proscuitto, pancetta, leg ham, and other deli meats are shaved in house; and all the ingredients are fresh and beautifully put together on a perfectly crispy base.


Wild flowers, Sigma 30mm 1.4

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria


I chose the Pear Blue this time and finished it all on my own washed down with a glass of ‘Phil’s Fetish’ Pinot Noir (just for the name, and because coincidentally Pinot Noir is Phil’s favourite varietal). It was freaking delicious.

Who knew pear and gorgonzola worked together so well?

The only thing I could find fault with was their choice of rocket- I prefer baby rocket over giant rocket leaves on top of pizza that I have to tear up to fit in each bite.

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

flower table decorations at Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

bare bones Coffin Sally: Port Fairy, Victoria

33 Sackville Street, Port Fairy, Victoria

(03) 5568 2618

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Corte, Port Melbourne

Melbourne Oct




On one of the last weekends that Phil and I had together in Melbourne we spent wandering around Port Melbourne and Albert Park. We stumbled across Corte around lunch time (from the outside it just looked like an old convent with a nondescript entrance), and discovered a gorgeous restaurant that serves Latin inspired fare.

  • Gringa Spicy black beans & provolone, crispy tortilla, fresh guacamole $11
  • Albóndigas  Chorizo meatballs in a tomato sauce $12
  • Ensalada de pepinos Shaved cucumber, fetta, fennel, mint, lime & onion $9
  • Cabra Seven Hill’s Goat $27

Everything we were served was delicious and interesting. Phil wasn’t a huge fan of the chorizo meatballs (quote: “I like chorizo, and I like meatballs- but together? No”), but I thought it was super tasty. The chimichurri that came along with the goat was mindblowing.

The staff were brilliant, I’m a huge fan of the interior design, and the ambience was good. Two thumbs up for diner experience. Two thumbs up for tasty food.


Melbourne Oct1









They are situated at:

115 Bay St
Port Melbourne, VIC


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Coda Bar and Restaurant, Melbourne


Since the first time I walked past CODA on my way to Go Go bar, I’ve been intrigued with the cool subterranean space. After 6 months of planning to make a dinner date at CODA, we’ve finally gotten our act together and booked a table last wednesday night.

CODA serves modern French/South East Asian fusion fare with a focus on tapas style share plates. We ordered 2 entrees (12 hour beef ribs with radish kimchi $13.5,Crispy bugs with caramelised chilli $17), one main (>Roasted yellow duck curry $38) with jasmine rice, and a side (Coda slaw, wombok, carrot, hot mint and red cabbage $8). This proved to be just enough for the two of us, but I suspected we would have wanted another entree if we weren’t both a bit unwell.







The 12 hour ribs were the highlight of the night for me- the meat was so tender if would fall off the bone if you so much as looked at it, and the “kimchi” on the side (spicy pickled baby radishes)  suited the big flavours of the ribs surprisingly well. The crispy (tempura) bugs with caramelised chilli were a delight, and I loved the tart papaya salad on the side. The main that we ordered (duck curry) was well executed, but did nothing for either of us. Next time we are going to just order 4 entrees to share I think.

Earlier that day, I was reading some reviews on Urbanspoon- and was a bit nervous about the amount of reviewers complaining about poor service. It was the end of a really shit day for me, and the last thing that I wanted was to have my night ruined by rude staff. Thankfully, we had nothing but amazing service that night.





I love the Melbourne laneways. The graffiti art, the cobblestone pavements, the hidden cafes, I love it all. It’s going to be really hard to leave this place.



Basement, corner Oliver Lane
141 Flinders Lane
Melbourne CBD VIC 3000

Tel : +61 3 9650 3155

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Weekend: Skechers 10km Run and Fueling up at Rich Curry, Elsternwick



I read somewhere that long distance runners would ‘carb load’ the night before a big run (It may only be applicable for half marathons and marathons, but any excuse will do). Just to be on the safe side- I decided to carb/fat/protein load at our favourite local Indian restaurant in Elsternwick before my 10km run the next day (again, any excuse will do).

When we lived in Elsternwick, we were at Rich Curry far more often than I would like to admit- I had a bad addiction to their goat curry that I made no effort to kick, despite all my attempts at healthy eating in the past year. The meats are always succulent and tender, the flavours are complex, and the naan bread is hands down one of the best I’ve tried in recent times.

Rich Curry is not going to win any awards for fancy decor, but it does have a cosy atmosphere and staff that make you feel at home (the chef always comes out and asks whether we are enjoying our evening, and the main waiter- I still don’t know his name- will happily have an animated discussion about Delhi history and the repercussions of the 1947 Partition with you). It’s my ‘happy place’, and we are always the last to leave.

On Saturday, we ordered the fish vindaloo, goat curry, saffron basmati rice , and naan. The goat curry is always a winner and hit the spot; and the fish was fresh and flavoursome.



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