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May FOTD Challenge: Cleopatra

I’ve been having a blast doing the May FOTD Challenge- I feel like I’ve gone to an unprecedented number of fancy dress parties over the last 3 weeks.

Cleopatra eye makeup with Inglot, Illamasqua Surge, MAC
Cleopatra inspired face of the day
Cleopatra inspired FOTD

Cleopatra inspired face of the day

Cleopatra Face of the Day makeup breakdown:



– Inglot Pearl 419 (shimmery olive green) all over lid right to brow- see my review and swatches here.

– Illamasqua Surge Liquid Metal blended as browbone highlight (see review and swatches here)

– MAC plumage eyeshadow + MAC Flourish eyeshadow to create depth in other third of top lid, as well as under eyebrow near nose bridge.

– MAC Mystery eyeshadow under bottom lashline

– Urban Decay 24/7 liner in ‘zero on brows, extended out. Also used on waterline.

–  Nylon on the inner part of chunky ‘winged’ eye liner. Bobbi Brown black gel liner to line top lashline and winged out.

more after the jump!


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The amazing Illamasqua Ore Pure Pigment: Review and Swatches

Is there anything Illamasqua can’t do? They are one brand that continues to wow us with each and every one of their products in terms of innovation, and quality.

These metallic, high-shine, pure-color powders are made to be played with. Mix with eyeshadow, blusher, or use it on its own to highlight eyes, cheeks, and brows. Bring out your bold side with a swipe of Pure Pigment. [description from Illamasqua website]

Price: $24.00 US,  $39.00 AUD (in Myer)
Availability:, Sephora (US), Myer (Australia).


Ore is a super reflective complex bronze-gold with amazing flecks of green, burgundy and orange. It is chameleon-like in that it changes under different lighting and over different bases which makes it a very interesting product.

So far I’ve tried it wet, dry, and over MAC Blackground Paint Pot. It looked amazing (and quite different) all three ways. I’d love to try it over a dark green base soon.
Used wet it turns into a super metallic shadow. Used dry, you can see obvious flecks of multicoloured glittery shimmer which is truly beautiful to behold (and apparently impossible for me to capture with my little POS).
The one thing to watch out for with this product is that there will be fallout, even you are careful with application. This is why I apply my foundation and concealor after doing the eye makeup when I know I’m using this.
See it in action in this FOTD

Illamasqua Pure Pigment ‘Ore’ swatched wet (left) and dry (right)

Illamasqua Pure Pigment ‘Ore’ at different angle and blurred to show the dazzling shimmer

Have you tried any Illamasqua pigments? What are your favourites?

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May FOTD Challenge: Rock Chic FOTD

If you haven’t already heard, the always inspirational Sara-May from Makeup By Sara-May blog is currently running her May FOTD Challenge, where each weekday this month has a FOTD challenge. Check out Sara-May’s blog for the list of challenges as well as for her amazing FOTDs!
Today’s challenge is Rock Chic!


-MAC Blackground Paint Pot smudged on top lid and underneath bottom lashes
– MAC Omega to blend out edges on top and bottom lids
– Illamasqua Liquid Metal in ‘Surge’ to highlight inner corners
note: I actually applied some vaseline ontop of the black, but it really didn’t show up in the photos at all. Also the p/p slid around like crazy so I’m NEVER doing that in public.


-MAC Blushbaby, MAC Gingerly


-tiny big of concealor
– Hourglass Prodigy Lipgloss ‘Eden’

Upcoming looks that I’m excited about doing are ‘Geisha’, ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ (you knew I had to do that, didn’t you?), ‘Pin-Up’, ‘Cleopatra’, ‘7 Deadly Sins’, ‘Purple Haze’

Joining me and Sara-May in this insane challenge are:

Bug at Bitten by the Beauty Bug

Little Miss Megsy at Beauty in the Sky
Alice at adsyMakeup
Lilit from Makeup and Macaroons

Check them out!

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Gilded eyes with Illamasqua Ore Pigment

Illamasqua Ore pigment is like a cameleon- it looks so different under various lighting conditions and over different bases that it’s almost like you’ve got 10 different products in one.
In diffuse natural light it looks like a burnished gold colour with flecks of green glimmer if you look closely (not really visible in these photos sorry)
This is a simple look I wore on the weekend
– Illamasqua Ore pigment applied with a damp brush on lid to crease, and a little on bottom lid inner corner.
– MAC Omega blended in the crease
– Bobbi Brown gel eye liner
– UD 24/7 liner in zero on waterline
– MAC Blushbaby blush
– Lipstick Queen Sinner lipstick ‘Pink’ (review and swatches here)
– Hourglass Prodigy Lipgloss ‘Eden’ on top.


In other news- my computer has been crippled with a virus that doesn’t allow me to access my hard drive. Luckily I’ve still got access to the internet and have some posts uploaded as drafts.
I am so getting a Mac laptop next.
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Illamasqua Surge Liquid Metal: a FOTD, review, and swatches.

I’m falling more and more in love with Illamasqua.

I picked up a few items in my last Sephora haul- their lipstick in Ignite, Ore pigment, and of course Surge liquid metal. Who can resist their amazing pigmentation, innovative textures, and lustworthy colour range?

Here is a wearable, work friendly FOTD featuring Surge Liquid Metal that I wore last week:


– MAC Mystery e/s mixed with a little bit of MAC Shadowy Lady e/s in crease.
– Illamasqua Surge Liquid metal applied on the lid and inner corners
– MAC Omega to blend out harsh lines above crease.


– MAC Posie Blushcreme

– Hourglass Prodigy Lip Gloss ‘Eden’

Onto the review!


Illamasqua Surge Liquid Metal is a warm silver with a subtle hint of light gold. It can be applied sheer to achieve a warm silver sheen or layered to get a full blown foiled metallic finish.


The Liquid Metal is a cream product, with a silky texture that glides easily onto the eye.

It doesn’t really dry down to a powder finish like some cream products (ie MAC Paint Pots, Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows) so it tends to transfer if you accidentally touch your shadow, and crease a little throughout the day. I don’t really mind this- it still looks very pretty when creased, and I bring this product with me to retouch during the day and apply with fingers.


Hourglass Prodigy Lip Gloss ‘Eden’
Price: $26 US at Sephora, $44 AUD at Myer Australia
Availability: Illamasqua counters worldwide, Sephora,
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