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L’Oreal Color Infallible All Night Blue: Review, Swatches, FOTD



Hi everyone,

I want to share a drugstore gem I’ve come across recently- the L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow in All Night Blue.  I wore it to a friend’s birthday drinks on the weekend (FOTD below) and was reminded of how much I like it.

All Night Blue is a highly pigmented metallic navy with a matte black base. Gorgeous party colour that looks particularly striking on warm coloured eyes.


L'Oreal Color Infallible All Night Blue Swatch


L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow are similar in texture to the Armani Eyes To Kill shadows- mid way between a pressed pigment and a cream shadow. I haven’t tried any of the others but the buttery smoothness and ease of blending of All Night Blue is impressive.  In many ways I prefer this texture to the traditional cream eyeshadow because you get the creamy application but with less tendency to dry up and harden in the pot over time.

I find that the best way to apply this without losing any intensity of colour is to apply with a brush first, blending it to the desired placement, then applying another layer with a clean fingertip.

This colour wears quite well with almost no creasing or smudging by the end of the night. I do find that it fades a little on my eyes, even with primer (most reviewers experience very little fading so this is probably just my oily lids).


Price: RRP $19.95

Availability:  Selected pharmacies and department stores


L'Oreal Color Infallible All Night Blue FOTD


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1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD

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Gatsby fever has well and truly hit our shores, making it the perfect time to dabble with some 1920s flapper style makeup a la Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, and Josephine Baker.

I still haven’t seen Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Gatsby’ yet, but I’m looking forward to watching it for the makeup and costume. As a film, I hear that it is not really a faithful adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (the harsher critics even go as far as to doubt that Baz Luhrmann read the book all the way to the end), and that Baz Luhrmann has missed the point somewhat- celebrating rather than satirizing the excesses of the jazz age.

I don’t mind. I’ll be going to see ‘Gatsby’ to enjoy the film as something completely separate from the book. As long Carey Mulligan doesn’t play Daisy like Mia Farrow did in the 1974 adaptation – I’m happy.


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD



1920s makeup has a very distinct look, and is characterised by smouldering grey brown eye makeup with the depth of the colour concentrated on the inner part of the eye; a thin, archless brow; and lips that look like they are pouting even when relaxed. They say that the unusual eye makeup placement is designed to give a ‘damsel in distress’ look- which explains why I look a little upset in all my photos.

The best 1920s makeup tutorial I’ve seen is the one by Sam from Pixiwoo– really worthwhile watching if you are going to a fancy dress party.


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD


1920s flapper makeup: Gatsby inspired FOTD


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Golden Eyes and Coral Lips: A Lipstick Bandits FOTD



Hi everyone 🙂

For today’s installment of Lipstick Bandits goodness- we bring you coral lips from our bandit bloggers around the world. As I was planning the post, I realised that I hardly touched any of my coral lippies throughout the Spring and Summer just gone, so it was a nice change bringing my MAC See Sheer out for a night on the town.

MAC See Sheer is a lustre finish lipstick. It is a peachy coral colour with medium to full pigmentation and a subtle glossy sheen- as with most MAC lustre finish lippies, See Sheer has a comfortable balmy feel on the lips and is non drying.

For a second I thought about making a pun in the title involving ‘Golden Eyes’ and ‘See Sheer’. I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t totally lame so I will have to find another blog title to pun. One day!



You may have noticed that the lighting looks different in these images. I’m experimenting with artificial lighting to extend my useful blog photography hours to past daylight- the days are getting shorter and shorter here in Australia and most days it is dark when I get up in the morning, and getting dark by the time I get home from work. These pictures were taken in my tiny bathroom with some hand held reflectors to help with the shadows. I’m struggling to get the level of clarity that I get with daylight even with manual focus on the DSLR but I suppose it’s better than not taking the pictures at all.


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Illamasqua I’MPERFECT speckled liner aka Jackson Pollock FOTD

On Sunday morning I was having a play with the ‘speckled’ eyeliner look inspired by Illamasqua’s imagery with their new I’mperfect collection.

The initial plan was to keep it subtle and delicate, but I got a little bit over excited and went all Jackson Pollock on my face. P walked in, and asked me what was wrong with my eyes- I said I was doing ‘makeup art’ – he looked doubtful and asked whether I was going to wear it out to brunch.

Oh well.








FOTD makeup breakdown:


– Illamasqua Scribe Precision Ink eyeliner – pure white

– Lord and Berry Inkglam liquid liner- glossy black

– Majorca Majolica mascara


– MAC Bronzing powder in Bronze  to contour cheekbones

– Illamasqua Ambition Blush from Ambition/Katie Duo 


Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick  from the I’mperfect collection




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Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired FOTD


Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired silvery blue makeup

Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired silvery blue makeup


Hello everyone!

One of the looks from the Spring/Summer Fashion week runways I really loved was the one created for the Giorgio Armani show in Milan. For the show, the makeup artist created a graphic silvery blue eye to go with a minimalist face, using the new Maestro Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Quad  from the new collection.

I don’t own the Armani Maestro Eyes To Kill quad, so I improvised with what I had in my stash, which were some items from MAC, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, and NARS – (AKA ‘The Usual Suspects’).

My version turned out a little softer, and less graphic, than the original makeup look.


Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway


Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired silvery blue eye makeup

Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired silvery blue eye makeup


Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired silvery blue makeup

Giorgio Armani S/S 2013 runway inspired silvery blue makeup


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