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May FOTD Challenge: Cleopatra

I’ve been having a blast doing the May FOTD Challenge- I feel like I’ve gone to an unprecedented number of fancy dress parties over the last 3 weeks.

Cleopatra eye makeup with Inglot, Illamasqua Surge, MAC
Cleopatra inspired face of the day
Cleopatra inspired FOTD

Cleopatra inspired face of the day

Cleopatra Face of the Day makeup breakdown:



– Inglot Pearl 419 (shimmery olive green) all over lid right to brow- see my review and swatches here.

– Illamasqua Surge Liquid Metal blended as browbone highlight (see review and swatches here)

– MAC plumage eyeshadow + MAC Flourish eyeshadow to create depth in other third of top lid, as well as under eyebrow near nose bridge.

– MAC Mystery eyeshadow under bottom lashline

– Urban Decay 24/7 liner in ‘zero on brows, extended out. Also used on waterline.

–  Nylon on the inner part of chunky ‘winged’ eye liner. Bobbi Brown black gel liner to line top lashline and winged out.

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May FOTD Challenge: Geisha

I had a lot of fun doing this look for Sara May‘s May FOTD Challenge series. Check out her blog for her Challenge FOTDs (which are both inspiring and very humbling for me).

Then I applied more lippy… I realise now I prefer the first image….

When I first saw the gorgeous Inglot Matte 382 (a vibrant reddish pink) I bought it because it reminded me of Geisha makeup (which I absolutely LOVE). I knew it would come in handy! Like all Inglot shadows that I own, it is very pigmented but applies like silk and blends like a dream- so it can easily be used as a blusher.

And of course, I must mention that the Ellis Faas creamy lips in Ellis Red (L101) is a red lipstick lover’s wet dream. TMI?

Makeup breakdown:

-NARS Smudgeproof eye shadow base
– Inglot e/s 382 (matte reddish pink) on lids and temples ( see review/swatches here )
– Bobbi Brown gel eye liner black
– Smashbox single eye shadow ‘champagne’ on inner third of top lid, and inner corners.
– MAC Carbon for brows

– MAC Mylar e/s (I scraped some off and used a powder brush to apply to my face, mostly in the centre)
– NARS Sheer Glow ‘Fiji’
– Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 to draw dots above eyebrows.

– NARS Sheer Glow ‘Fiji’ to erase lips
– Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 (Ellis Red) drawn in exaggerated pucker
– MAC pigmented ‘Jardin Aires’ highlight cupid’s bow.

On Tuesday I did the ‘Rock Chic’ challenge, and coming up we have ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Pin Up’, ‘Bold Lips’ and lots more so stay tuned!

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Inglot bronzey eye with Pearl #421

I had the Alexander Wang Fall 2010 runway girls in mind when I decided to do a look with my Inglot bronze shadow. Unfortunately, I do not have the required cheekbones-that-could-cut-steel or the rockstar cool to really make this look but I had fun pretending!

I really wish I had some eye gloss though… 


– Inglot eye shadow Pearl #421 on lid and lower lash line (for swatches and review click here)
– MAC cork in crease
– MAC mystery to darken outer third of top and bottom lids.


-MAC Bronzer in Golden to contour
-MAC blush in Gingerly lightly on apples of cheeks.


– A bit of concealor to neutralize lip colour
– clear gloss on top.

not really very exciting at the end of the day, turned out to be a work-safe look (which is great, because I’m heading straight to work LOL)
I’m really loving my Inglot shadows for their smooth texture, great pigmentation, and the fact that they stand up to an entire day’s wear without much fading.
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A gold, sooty smudgy eyed FOTD with Shiro Small key

Hi lovelies,
One of my favourite Shiro Cosmetics shadows (swatched here ) that I got recently is Small Key, a cool toned burnished gold. It is fairly pigmented, and even more so when used wet.
This is one of the ways I like wearing Small Key:
– Shiro Small Key all over top lid dry, and I go over the lower part of that wet once it’s blended.
– MAC Copperplate e/s outer V
– MAC Omega e/s blend into crease.
– Inglot matte black lower lash line and blended downwards
– UD 24/7 liner in zero on bottom waterline
-MAC Fleur Power
-Concealor, lip balm over the top.
note: these photos were taken about 10 days ago, when my skin was feeling crap and my foundation was not sitting on top of it properly. It’s back to normal now since I started using my  C serum.

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Inglot haul and swatches: 5 shadow freedom palette and a lippy!

inglot eyeshadow freedom palette
About a week ago I picked up another Inglot palette from the store at Bondi Junction Westfields. I had been itching to visit Inglot again since my last purchase because I was so impressed with the quality of the shadows and how reasonably priced they were. (photos and swatches of my first Inglot palette here).
The 5 shadow palette cost me $45 in total, which works out to be $9 per shadow (this is great value, even for someone accustomed to paying U.S prices for cosmetics).
I chose to go with the palette that came with the flip top and mirror instead of the new style with magnets holding the lid, mostly because the mirror palette is so much slimmer and lighter. 

Inglot 5 pan eye shadow palette AMC Shadow 63, Pearl 451, Pearl 421, Shine 49, Pearl 433
from left: AMC Shadow 63, Pearl 451, Pearl 421, Shine 49, Pearl 433″


Inglot eye shadow swatches AMC Shadow 63, Pearl 451, Pearl 421, Shine 49, Pearl 433
Inglot eye shadow swatches from left: AMC 63, Pearl 451, Pearl 421, shine 49, Pearl 433

AMC 63 (matte black): very pigmented and smooth to apply. It blows MAC Carbon out of the water.

Pearl 451 (shimmery dark bluish gunmetal): again, pigmented and smooth. A beautiful sophisticated colour for a smokey eye. This is my favourite colour in the palette.

Pearl 421 (metallic rust colour): In the swatches it looks a lot more bronze for some reason, but it has definite reddish burgundy undertones. Reasonably pigmented and buttery smooth.

Shine 49 (cool toned metallic gold): not as pigmented as the others, but buttery smooth texture.

Pearl 433 (metallic green-tinged gold): reasonably pigmented and buttery smooth.

Inglot eye shadows Pearl 451, Pearl 421
Inglot Eye shadows: Pearl 451, Pearl 421

 Inglot eye shadows Shine 49, Pearl 433
Inglot eye shadows: Shine 49, Pearl 433

Inglot lipstick #163:

This is a rusty red colour with a satin finish. It is fairly pigmented and lasts about 4hrs on me, leaving behind a pretty stain as it wears off. I don’t find this drying, but it doesnt really add any moisture to my lips.

It has a strong synthetic perfume-ish scent which I don’t particularly like, so those with sensitive noses may have an issue with this.

This cost me $25 AUD, which in my opinion is not as good value as their eye shadows considering I can get a MAC lipstick for $16.50 and a Chanel lipstick for $35 if I order from the US.  ?

Inglot lipstick # 163


swatches Left: NARS Heat Wave Right: Inglot lipstick 163

My only beef with Inglot products is the numbering system. I hate the fact that these shadows are given a number instead of a name- not only does it make it difficult for buyers to remember what they saw in reviews but it also cheapens the product a little.

It isn’t that difficult to come up with a few names. In my opinion, once a product has a name, it sort of gains a personality and a back story (think Russian Red), which engages the consumer on an emotional level and is a great marketing tool. Inglot, if you are listening…
I will definitely post some FOTDs with these shadows, so watch this space!


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