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Behind the scenes: Sucker Punch makeup

I’ve always been curious about the magic that happens behind the scenes of film and TV, particularly the makeup and hair styling that transforms our actors into their on screen characters.

Recently I was contacted by the publicist for Leslie Graham, a ‘Hollywood’ makeup artist who had recently relocated to Australia (and now the Program Coordinator for TMT School of Makeup ). Luckily for us, Leslie was happy to give a backstage makeup breakdown for one of the makeup looks she did for the film ‘Sucker Punch’.

behind the scenes…

Sucker Punch backstage photo used with permission from the makeup artist

 To achieve a similar look you can use the following-

  • Brush on a pale liquid base and powder with a loose no colour translucent powder.
  • Darken brows with a black eye shadow like Mac “Carbon”.
  • Line the eyes with a wide cat eye line with Mac’s fluidline “Blacktracks” top and bottom of the eyes. Line the inner rim of the eyes with a black pencil.
  • Airbrush charcoal grey across the eyes with Mac micronized makeup.
  • Glue on a set of full strip lashes long and curled.
  • We used a professional product called “Glitter Glue” by Ben Nye dotted on with a brush in a tear stream shape under the eye.
  • Use large gunmetal grey or purple glitter to lay into the glitter glue with a brush.
  • Finish off the look with a deep wine coloured lipstick like Mac’s liner in “Vino” and lipstick in “Faithfully Yours”.


From the press release:
Leslie Graham is one of the top make-up artists on the Hollywood circuit and has worked on some of the world’s most beautiful faces including Tyra Banks and Rachel Hunter. She has also created the iconic looks of some of our favourite characters. Her recent film credits include; Sucker Punch, The Tron Legacy, Twilight: Eclipse and Twilight: New Moon. Leslie’s next challenge has bought her to Australia where she will train a new generation of artists in her craft at The Makeup Technicians School of Makeup. To learn how personalise your look TMT offers Personal Use courses the first Saturday of every month. Space is limited, so book early!
note: Sucker Punch backstage photo was used with permission from the makeup artist
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Getting to know… Kirsten from Lanolips!

Meet Kirsten- fellow Aussie and creator of the Lanolips range. Lip, cuticle, and skin care hero.

1. How long has it been since you created Lanolips?

I created the company in 2003, but it took me a while to get all of the
formulas right…….a labour of love.

2. Why did you choose to focus on lips?

Lips are the dryest area of the body (with no oil glands) so this was always my
main problem. I figured if I could fix the lips I could fix anything.

3. Tell us about the sheep farm where you spent your childhood.

In a word I would probably choose ‘Graceful’. It was a massive property, with
an enormous amount of rambling natural open space mixed with bush scrub. The
trees, the fields, the natural chaos, the quiet and the bush noises, such
beauty in all of it. And as a child there were endless possibilities of fun,
from camping to homemade tree-houses, to milking cows, I have an enormous
amount of very precious memories.

4. What is different about the Lanolips Ultra Medical Grade lanolin, compared
with other “100% lanolin” ointments available?

As ULTRA Medical Grade, the grade of lanolin in Lanolips is 3 x times better
than normal Medical Grade lanolin, and more than 15 x times higher than
everyday lanolin. Lanolin is a sticky substance which collect impurities from
natural farming whilst on the sheeps wool – from pesticides, to the exhaust
fumes from a truck driving past the field. Lanolin from Mongolian wool was
found with traces of ash from the Gulf War Fires in the 90s! So its critical
that it is purified well otherwise these impurities and chemicals may cause
irritation and reactions (especially if you are going to ingest it from your
lips). Our Lanolips 101 Ointment is without a doubt the worlds best lanolin,
and its exclusive to us. Additionally I wanted my ointment to be less sticky,
more creamy and colourless and odorless. Medical grade lanolin (and all grades
below) are all yellow, tacky and have a farmy smell.

5. what are the most unusual ways you’ve heard people using Lanolips 101

On their piercings!! I didn’t ask where.

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Getting to know… Boris from MuLondon

Meet Boris: founder of the organic skin care line ‘MuLondon’, creator of one of the best rose scented moisturisers in the history of the world (reviewed here), and a lover of scary movies.

1. How did you come up with the name MuLondon?

I had been thinking about starting my own skincare line for years, and I already had the name in my head that I was going to use – MuLondon. It sounded and felt right.

Once I got the chance to finally start my own business, the name was already there, waiting to shine! It also hints at where all the products are made. There’s more to the name, but let’s leave that for our next interview! 🙂
2. So I hear that you’re working on some new concoctions- can you give us a sneaky preview of what we can expect?

Well, of course! I’m working on a range of facial cleansers that are free from detergents – most commonly used being Sodium Laureth Sulfate and its derivatives – and preservatives like parabens and sorbates.

It’s taken a bit longer than expected, as I did not want to use palm oil-derived ingredients, due to their environmental impact, and sourcing alternatives delayed the launch. It’s a product that I have been using for quite a while, not just for cleaning my face and my hands, but also for shaving. It’s a fabulous, non-toxic, multi-purpose product. I can not use anything else now, and carry this with me when I travel. You’re going to love it!

After that, you can expect to see a line of sexy, sensuous and scrumptious body and massage oils. They will be a great complement to my existing range.

As with all my products – I will only launch something when I have thoroughly tested it myself, and if it fulfils all my strict criteria – safe, effective and concentrated.
3. Describe a day in the life of Boris ‘the head cream-whipper’

A lot of my time goes on research and development – looking for new, safe and certified organic ingredients and testing them alone or in a formula. Then there’s answering emails, updating the website and ordering supplies.

The best parts are actually making the creams – whipping them up, watching them transform and blend into something that’s more than just a sum of its parts, and filling the jars – and then shipping them off to all corners of the world. It really feels amazing that people as far as Japan and Australia are enjoying my hand-made, natural products.

5. How are MuLondon products different from the plethora of other skin care lines that claim to be ‘natural’ ?

When I say that my products are 100% natural, I really mean that. I am very strict with what I put in my products. I have absolutely no place for additives of any kind – no mineral oils, no petroleum-derived ingredients, no chemical preservatives, no bulking agents, no silicones, no solvent-extracted essential oils or herbal extracts. Only the purest, finest, active and certified organic ingredients that have not been tested on animals.

Read the ingredients list on something you find at your local health food store, cosmetics counter or supermarket, claiming to be natural. Then ask yourself these three questions:

How many of those ingredients do you recognise?
How many can you pronounce?
How many would you feel safe to eat?

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