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Koh Samui weekend: Via Instagram

Koh Samui trip through Instagram


I’m not dead! I’ve just been spending most of my time in my photography and lifestyle social media accounts (Straight, No Chaser Photography). If we haven’t connected there yet, find me at  and FB:  . My photography website is

We went to Koh Samui last week to attend our friend’s wedding. It was a blissful 4 days of hour long massages on the beach, coconut shakes, incredible street food, and hanging out with friends. I wish we had an extra few days there, but I’m saving my leave for our Spain trip later this year.

It’s actually painful coming back and realising that buying groceries to cook dinner costs more than buying a delicious Thai meal in Koh Samui. Le sigh.

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Lares Trek: Andes Polaroid Project

My friend Carina, who helped organise our Lares Trek in Peru, saw an article about some photographers who travelled with a polaroid camera giving children in developing countries their first photograph. We thought that would be a fun thing for us, and a nice little present to give to the locals that we came across on our trek.



Lares Trek Polaroid Peru



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Straight No Chaser: Bangkok Photo Diary

bangkok-2   bangkok-3   bangkok-12   bangkok-13



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Dietlicious Gourmet Delivery Service: Review

Dietlicious is an Australian company that specialises in home delivered healthy gourmet meals. I blogged about their 5 day cleanse a couple of years back, and was recently contacted by Dietlicious a few weeks ago about reviewing another one of their meal plans. It couldn’t have come at a better time- Phil was working interstate in the coming weeks and I was facing the prospect of cooking for one for an entire fortnight (realistically eating out more often than not).

I tried the 1800 calorie 7 day menu – which is designed to provide a healthy daily calorie intake for an average male (or a greedier than average female). I was delighted with how tasty and interesting the menu was- with wholesome breakfasts like Rye toast with hummus; hearty dinners like Arabian beef with sweet potato, tahini and almonds with side of herb couscous; and yummy smoothies and nibbles in between. My time-poor friend Jeff told me that he ended up ordering a 7 day meal plan after I told him about it)- he said everything was delicious and surprisingly filling.

It works well as a meal plan for busy individuals who want a balanced diet, and also works well as healthy ’emergency’ meals to be kept in the freezer.

A couple of important things to note with these meals- you will need adequate freezer space for the 7 day meal plan. I couldn’t fit everything in my smallish freezer and ended up thawing 2 days worth of food in the fridge to begin with. Unless you have a humungous fridge don’t order a 7 day meal plan for two people. Also- don’t make my mistake of putting the veges in the freezer (I didn’t read the clearly marked instructions on the front of the packet)

dietlicious GDS meals_-2

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Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to give a big shout-out to graphic design studio ‘Eyesberg’ run by creative duo Amy Suo Wu and Tim Braakman. Amy is an incredibly talented Sydney-born, Rotterdam based designer and educator at Willem de Kooning Academy. She also happens to be my cousin, who I grew up with in the wild wild west (-ern suburbs) of Sydney.

These are some examples of their work. Eyesberg studios also designs some pretty slick websites. One of these days she will kindly offer to redesign my blog and logos (*hint* are you listening, Amy?).


Holy Crapparel

” Eyesberg is a Rotterdam based (graphic) design studio motivated by conceptual and experimental approaches. Eyesberg consists of Tim Braakman and Amy Suo Wu. 

Next to running Eyesberg, Tim Braakman is also an independent illustrator, and one of the founding members of curatorial collective, Trailer. He has worked as project manager and assistant curator at Showroom MAMA.  

Amy Suo Wu has a hybrid practice as a designer, artist and educator. She teaches Design Research, Concept & Image, Hacking minor at the Willem de Kooning Academy. ”



Eyesberg Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam

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