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Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra

Great live jazz bands every Wednesday night, and an amazing cocktail list.

We were here A LOT.

Tucked away upstairs at Garema place, Civic (I had a lot of trouble finding it the first time- just for the green Hippo Co sign and a small staircase next to Happy’s Chinese Restaurant), this prohibition-style bar with an extensive whiskey list reminds me of The Baxter Inn in Sydney. The Siglo cocktail is mandatory (smoked cinnamon, Gosling Rum, Amaro Montenegro, Dolin Rouge, Fresh Pineapple Juice).

Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra   Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra   Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra

  Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra   Jasmine Martini and Cocktail with Smoked Cinnamon  

Hippo Co. Cocktails and Whiskey, Canberra   Canberra Live jazz at Hippo Co

Canberra Live jazz at Hippo Co

Garema Place, Canberra City  •  (02) 6247 7555


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Giving Thanks For 2013

Romance, Love, and Thanksgiving

I know I’m late to add to the wave of  Thanksgiving themed blog posts. I only decided to write one  today after reading this Thanksgiving post by Paris.

1. Love:

I’m thankful that I have an amazing man in my life. I could go on and on about this, but  I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to just leave it there. The kissy picture has already sent the cheese-meter over the limit.

2. Health:

2013 has been a good year. My overall fitness has improved significantly with the introduction of more weight training and high intensity circuit type workouts, and I’m currently training for my very first half marathon. It’s empowering.

3. Family:

Living away from Sydney makes me realise how much I miss my (batshit crazy) family. I’m thankful for loving parents and the fact that my siblings have grown to be intelligent, well balanced individuals, despite early signs to the contrary.

4. Friends:

In the last 12 months in Melbourne, I met quite a large number of great people (sometimes in the most random places) who have become close friends.

5. Work:

As some of you know, I’ve been doing a bit of locum optometry block work in different Australian towns/cities. I feel very fortunately that the practices I’ve worked at have been great examples of *real* optometry- full scope primary eye care, with advanced ocular health management and co-management with ophthalmology and general medicine, as well as in depth assessment of visual function (more than just prescribing spectacles for “20/20” vision) in normal and abnormal eyes. Practices where the highest standards of patient care was expected, and supported.

I’m one of those people that fortunately or unfortunately am very dependant on my work as a source of happiness. I have worked (locum days) in large chain “Shop-tometry” practices where I never really needed to go to university to practice the brand of optometry required for the job. Those days KILLED my soul.

6. Beauty:

My skin has been pretty awesome this year. Just thought I would put it out there.

 What are you thankful for this year?

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Weekend: Skechers 10km Run and Fueling up at Rich Curry, Elsternwick



I read somewhere that long distance runners would ‘carb load’ the night before a big run (It may only be applicable for half marathons and marathons, but any excuse will do). Just to be on the safe side- I decided to carb/fat/protein load at our favourite local Indian restaurant in Elsternwick before my 10km run the next day (again, any excuse will do).

When we lived in Elsternwick, we were at Rich Curry far more often than I would like to admit- I had a bad addiction to their goat curry that I made no effort to kick, despite all my attempts at healthy eating in the past year. The meats are always succulent and tender, the flavours are complex, and the naan bread is hands down one of the best I’ve tried in recent times.

Rich Curry is not going to win any awards for fancy decor, but it does have a cosy atmosphere and staff that make you feel at home (the chef always comes out and asks whether we are enjoying our evening, and the main waiter- I still don’t know his name- will happily have an animated discussion about Delhi history and the repercussions of the 1947 Partition with you). It’s my ‘happy place’, and we are always the last to leave.

On Saturday, we ordered the fish vindaloo, goat curry, saffron basmati rice , and naan. The goat curry is always a winner and hit the spot; and the fish was fresh and flavoursome.



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After The Tears- Elsternwick, Melbourne

For a long time After The Tears in Elsternwick was my local watering hole- it was about 800m (well within stumbling distance) of my apartment, and the perfect place to escape to when I’ve run out of clean glassware. I still come here for the Van Gogh Coconut (infused vodka), borsht , and rollmops.

We were here last weekend and I thought I would bring my camera and snap some shots to share on the blog. Apologies if you have to squint to see anything in these images- it was so dimly lit where I was sitting that my autofocus didn’t even work.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend their infused vodkas, lychee martini (more tart than sweet- just the way I like it), ‘Apple Pie’, ‘the drink with no name’, ‘the cure’, and anything on the specials board.

If you are peckish I suggest the olives and fetta, their pierogi, the duck ragout with tagliatelle , the borsht, and the slow braised rabbit on gnocci. The hand cut chips are a little bit of a let down but otherwise everything I’ve tried has been pretty delicious.


Van Gogh Coconut- my usual. Coconutty, hazelnutty goodness.



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Healthy 2013: Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe

Hello all-

A super quick post just to share a recipe for what we had for dinner tonight. This time Phil cooked and I cleaned (I hate cleaning, but love eating everything he makes).

We stuck to the ‘dinner menu’ we planned :) Hopefully it’s something we can make a habit of doing.



Recipe further down…

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