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Fit For Fall 2012: Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse review



I must thank Jade of for thinking of the catchy feel-good phrase ‘Fit For Fall’ (tweets will be hashtagged #FitForFall ) to replace ‘Healthy Summer’. She’s not just a pretty face!

‘Healthy Summer’ updates have really dropped off the last 2 months or so, mostly due to straggling motivation. I’ve been making regular, but not frequent trips to the gym (around 1-3x a week) but not really pushing myself very hard like I was during in the first few months of ‘Healthy Summer 2011/2012’. Just staying afloat really.

Food-wise, I was in desperate need of a detox and a rethink of my portion sizes.

When I read the rave reviews about the  Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse on Ms Critique and Me vs The Bulge blogs, it got me very curious. I ended up contacting Dietlicious, and was very grateful when Emily from Dietlicious offered to sponsor a trial of the 5 Day Cleanse for the Fit for Fall series.


Dietlicious Gourmet Food Service say…

Rebalance and re-vitalize your body with our 5 day dietician designed cleanse and detox

Eliminate chemicals and toxins with our preservative, additive, dairy, wheat + red meat free menu

Included in the Cleanse package is everything you need: healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, fresh seasonal fruit and superfood smoothies made with natures wonderfoods – acai, chia and cacao.

$180.00 excluding delivery,

Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse breakfast smoothies

Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse breakfast smoothies


Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse

Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse


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Echolife macrobiotic bath salts!

I’ve been harping on about how much I’ve been loving  these bath salts on twitter, and just wanted to show you guys what they actually look like.




Pretty aren’t they?

I’ve gone from someone who never takes baths, to a bath addict because of these. They are the best thing after a long run, or after someone’s just beat the crap out of you at boxing class. :)

Price: Australian Macrobiotic Sea Salt Crystals $14.90 AUD , Magnesium Bath Salts: $29.90 AUD



note: these products were gifts from

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Tiffany: What Makes Love True by Garance Doré & The Sartorialist

Happy 14th of February!

Am sitting at gate 39 Sydney Domestic airport waiting to board my flight to Hobart, and craving coffee.

Enjoy this sweet and oh so stylish mini doco by Scott Schumann and Garance Dore for Tiffany.

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A vain person’s guide to water sports: how to waterproof your makeup and deal with chlorine



In the last few months I’ve been hitting the pool more regularly thanks to Healthy Summer 2011/2012 goals.

Here are a few things that I’ve learnt along the way about a) protecting my hair and skin from sun/chlorine  b) waterproofing my makeup so even if I tend to look like a drowned rat in the water, at least I’ll be a well groomed rat. This is especially crucial if I am at the beach and there are good looking lifeguards around :)


Waterproof Makeup:

Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector #4 (dark brown black)

price: RPP US $19.00 or, approx $39.00 from Australian stockists

Although not as exciting as the Chanel Illusion D’Ombres, or NARS lipglosses, this modest product is probably THE standout cosmetic item of 2011 for me. I have very light and sparse brows so I was thrilled to finally find a product that stays on my brows through intense cardio as well as long swims.


Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector #4 (dark brown black)

Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector #4 (dark brown black)

Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector #4 swatch

Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector #4 swatch



Becca Beach Tints:

price: RRP AUS $42.00, or US $24 at  

Becca is an Australian brand with strong roots in beach culture, so it’s not a surprise that they have some fantastic products to keep you looking cute in the water. I wouldn’t necessarily bother with these for laps at the local pool, but I’d have a tube in my handbag (for those lifeguards we discussed).

The Beach Tints take 5 seconds to apply, and clings on to cheeks and lips through hours of swimming and frolicking.


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Healthy Summer 2011/2012: Part 4

I think we’re somewhere around week 6 into Healthy Summer, and the last two weeks consisted of several epic fails but thankfully also some Win.

Epic Fail

The weekend before the last one was not good for Healthy Summer. I was in Sydney for 3 days, and when I’m in Sydney I always feel the need to eat my bodyweight worth of the following…

fried pork buns. NOM.

Beef brisket noodles. Get in mah belly!



…  which is fantastic at the time, but when I’m eating those things all day long I end up so lethargic, bloated, and completely uincapable of getting anything done.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I did what I always do on the weekend- drink way too much. Not only does this mean that exercise was out of the question, but I was so incredibly tired on tuesday morning when I had to drive from Sydney to Lithgow at 7am that the only thing that could stop me from microsleeping (two cups of coffee and a red bull didn’t work) was taking up cigarettes again for the morning (TSK TSK). It took me two days after that to pull myself together. Slippery slope!


Thankfully after the naughty weekend (ok, by weekend I really mean about 5 days lol), it was business as usual.

To help get the ball rolling for the half marathon I want to do in 2012, I’ve signed up for a 10km road race in January with the Sydney Marathon Clinic. It’s very soon so I’m not expecting to get a competitive time- the goal is to have something concrete to work towards in the not too distant future, and also to get used to races (I haven’t really done a proper race since early high school. The City 2 Surf, which I didn’t really train for and barely made through alive, doesn’t count).

2 weeks ago, I decided that if I’m going to be running 4+ a week, then I had better learn how to do it properly- running is high impact and the last thing I want to do is destroy my joints and ligaments with poor technique and footwear.

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