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Ellis Faas loves your lips: L101 and L307 review and swatches

Human Colours®
Ellis Faas based the whole collection of her brand on the colours that by nature exist in every human body. From all tones of foundation to every lipstick and eyeshadow, the shades are inspired by the human body’s owns colours.
From the tawny peach of a freckle to the pure, vivid red that pulses through our veins, the ELLIS FAAS Human Colours collection looks to the human palette for inspiration. The colours that exist naturally in our bodies are complex and rich, but they’re also universal, shared by each and every one of us. Based on this universal spectrum, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours complement all skin tones, and when it comes to looking one’s best, what better way to highlight a great feature or mask an imperfection than with tones and hues that already exist in each of us? 
[taken from Ellis Faas website]
I’ve always been fascinated by the Ellis Faas concept, and after some glowing reviews I’ve read recently (Sarah Hassan’s blog,  Dempeaux, Witoxicity), I decided that I had to get my greedy little hands on some Ellis goodness!
Being a lip product fiend, I chose two lippies (it was an agonising decision, especially with the gorgeous reds available): The L101 (aka Ellis Red) in their ‘Creamy Lips’ range, and the L307 in their ‘Glazed Lips’ range.
 Ellis Faas Glazed lips L307 Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101, Ellis Faas Glazed lips L307
Ellis Faas products are packaged in bullet inspired pen dispensers which look and feel incredibly swanky. To get to the product you turn the base of the pen, and you’ll hear the dispenser click as it pushes the product out. In the creamy lips range, the tip of the pen is an oval pad, whereas in the glazed lips range there is a brush tip.
My only concern with this style of dispenser is it’s difficult to keep hygienic if you keep the lippy for a while- does anyone know how I might be able to clean the tip?
Ellis Faas for lips bullet packaging
Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red 
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red applicator
Glazed lips L307  
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Ameli eye shadows, you rock my world! : Review and Swatches

Why hello there!
A couple of weeks ago Kean from emailed me asking whether I would like to review some Ameli eye shadows. I had never previously heard of Ameli (I am ashamed to say I know nothing about Asian cosmetics outside of Shu) but they are a Korean cosmetics brand with a focus on eye makeup.
About Vanity Box:
Vanity Box is a project that started mid 2010. Our intent is to source Korean cosmetics which may not be as popular overseas yet but is hugely popular in Korea. As some of you may know, Korea is widely recognised for the quality and affordability of its skincare and cosmetics (Think Laneige, Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Missha) We felt that there aren’t many options in Australia yet apart from the mainstream Korean brands. Even so, these products are often overpriced. [taken from their website]

I had a little play with the eye shadows over the last week and am quite impressed with the quality of the shadows.


from left:  Cinnamon Dust, Black Scandal, Arabian Night, Golden Olive


Cinnamon Dust: A matte warm grey with subtle green undertones. It does have some shimmer particles, which I find doesn’t really show up on my eyes (ie ends up looking totally matte). Smooth texture, medium pigmentation.

Black Scandal: Shimmery midnight blue, incredibly pigmented and smooth. Words cannot express how beautiful this colour is. Just a note of warning though- the shadow is fairly soft so apply with a light hand otherwise you will look like a (stylish) raccoon.

Arabian Night: Sparkly cool-toned purple. fairly pigmented, and reasonably smooth.

Golden Olive: metallic duochrome khaki base infused with orange-gold shimmer. Smooth texture, medium pigmentation.

from left: French Chic, Luxury Brown, Orange Glow

French Chic: shimmery light silvery sea-green colour. Very smooth texture and good pigmentation.

Luxury Brown: metallic medium-dark rust brown colour. Highly pigmented and very smooth.

Orange Glow: orange gold (similar to MAC melon pigment colour-wise). Not as pigmented as the others, and a little bit chalky.

…and here are some swatches. Some of the colours are a little washed out (sorry!)


Swatches from left: Arabian Night, Black Scandal, Golden Olive, Cinnamon Dust.



Orange Glow, Luxury Brown, French Chic


Packaging: the individual shadows come in a cute silver flip up compact with the colour visible through the central clear portion.
French Chic

I will be doing FOTDs with these shadows soon, but for now I just wanted to show you how Cinnamon Chic, French Chic, and Black Scandal look as a single wash over the eye lid.
wearing Ameli eye shadow in French Chic as a wash over lid

Wearing Ameli Cinnamon Chic eyeshadow as single wash on eye and Chanel Extrait de gloss ‘Impertinance’

 Wearing Ameli eye shadow in Cinnamon dust and Chanel Extrait de Gloss in ‘Impertinence’


wearing Ameli eye shadow ‘Black Scandal’ all over lid with MAC ‘Omega’ to blend into crease


wearing Ameli ‘Black Scandal’ all over lid with MAC ‘Omega’ to blend into crease

Price: Ameli shadows cost between $13.00 and $19.50 at Vanity Box

please note these products were sent to me for consideration by Vanity Box.
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Chanel Extrait de Gloss Impertinence: Review and swatches

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #59 packaging
Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #59 packaging

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #59 Impertinence
Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #59 Impertinence

Be still my beating heart! Chanel’s new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss formula might actually knock NARS lip glosses off it’s HG pedestal.

I bought #59 Impertinence from the Chanel’s US website (through the mail forwarding service Shopaholiques) recently.


I had been looking for a neutral brown lip gloss that doesn’t lean plum or red on the lips, a gloss that would give that sepia photograph look (I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me). It’s hard to find a neutral brown gloss! I guess brown is not really that common or popular a colour in lip gloss land.

Yet here it is…. the perfect neutral brown.

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #59 Impertinence (neutral brown) Swatched
Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #59 Impertinence (neutral brown) Swatched

Texture and pigmentation:

Like most chanel lip products, it wears beautifully on the lips. Non sticky but with enough thickness to stay put on the lips for 3ish hours (really good for a gloss on my lips) and quite moisturizing.

It has medium pigmentation with enough translucency to see your lip details.
Love the luxurious weighty packaging on chanel products, and this is no exception. The wedge shaped paddle applicater feels a little strange to use, but I have no real complaints about this.  
I got it from for RRP 32USD

bronze smokey eye FOTD wearing Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #59 Impertinence neutral browns
Me wearing Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in #59 Impertinence.


lip swatch Chanel Rouge Allure extrait de gloss #59 Impertinence
lip swatch Chanel Rouge Allure extrait de gloss #59 Impertinence


I can see myself falling for the Extrait de Gloss in Fatale, Genie, Insouciance, and Emoi, but won’t be getting any until my wallet recovers from my recent purchases.
Have you tried any Extrait de Glosses? Likes/Dislikes?
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OCC Lip Tars in Melange and Clear: review, swatches, and a concoction!

from left: Vintage lip tar, Melange lip tar, Clear lip tar
from left: Vintage lip tar, Melange lip tar, Clear lip tar


Because I had so much fun playing mad scientist with Grandma and Vintage (to see the review and swatches click here) I couldn’t help but pick up a couple more OCC Lip Tars from Makeup and Glow. This time I got Melange and Clear.


The colour is described as a ‘neutral terracotta’ and does look like this on the swatches I have seen on other people. On me, however, it’s much lighter both on the skin swatch and on my lips (the colours in the photo are pretty true to life). I would describe it as a neutral peach nude with slight yellow/orange undertones.

 I can see young Bridget Bardot rocking this colour with lots of eye liner!


Wearing a thin layer of OCC lip tar in Melange on lips
Wearing a thin layer of OCC lip tar in Melange on lips

? Texture and pigmentation:

As with the other OCC lip tars I have tried, it is feather light on the lips, opaque coverage and extremely long lasting.
The one negative thing I have noticed with this (and Grandma) is that I get that awful Melange coloured dried dead skin ring where my lips meet after about 2hrs of wear (although I get around this by applying lip balm to that inner lip area every 30mins). This happens with most brightly coloured lipsticks but more so with the lip tars for some reason.
Still, Melange is my favourite colour so far.

lip swatch- OCC lip tar Melange
lip swatch- OCC lip tar Melange
Playing around with Melange and my Vintage lip tar, I came up with a mid toned dusty rose colour. For lack of a more imaginative name, let’s call it ‘Vint-Lange’ (laugh at this, and I will fight you)

Vintage, Vintage + Melange= 'Vint-Lange', Melange
swatched from left: Vintage, Vintage + Melange= ‘Vint-Lange’, Melange

1 part Vintage 2 parts Melange concoction = 'Vint-Lange'
1 part Vintage 2 parts Melange concoction = ‘Vint-Lange’

Me wearing ‘Vint-lange’ lip swatch

full face wearing 'Vint-Lange' on lips
full face wearing ‘Vint-Lange’ on lips
The Clear Lip Tar has the same base ingredients (castor seed oil, hemp oil, peppermint oil, vitamin E) as the others, just without pigment. It has a much thinner consistency and a glossy finish that stays glossy (unlike the coloured Lip Tars which apply glossy but dry to a satin finish). It is meant to be used to sheer out the other Lip Tars.
I find that it gives Lip Tars a high gloss transparent quality (the extent of this depending on how much you use) which can be quite pretty; however, the staying power of the product drops significantly once the Clear Lip Tar is mixed in with the regular ones.
I got my lip tars from for $16

For international orders check the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics website

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OCC Lip Tars Vintage and Grandma: review and swatches

When I first got my OCC Lip Tars in the mail, I was hyped up to the eyeballs from all the rave reviews from makeup gurus. I ripped the mail package apart in excitement, whipped out my lip brush, tried both colours on in a frenzy, hated them both, and angrily threw them in my drawer never to be seen again…

Until about a week ago. I’m not sure why, but suddenly they seemed to work for me. I think I must have over-applied the product initially.. and Grandma looks ridiculously bright on me when overdone.

Anyhoo… on to the review!

Product description from OCC:

OCC Lip Tar Vintage and Grandma product photos
OCC Lip Tars Vintage (left), Grandma (right)
A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment – a little goes a very, very long way! An intense yet featherweight layer of color that stands up to the scrutiny of Hi-Def Video and Digital Photography, without ever looking (or feeling!) heavy. Meant to be mixed, Lip Tar comes in concise array of colors for a limitless selection of shades made by you!” [from the OCC website]

Price and availability: $16 from for Australian orders. for international orders.


-Grandma is a bright Coral Pink when swatched, but spread in a thin layer on my lips it turns a baby doll pink. I’m not entirely sure why. If I over apply it will look neon coral pink.

-Vintage is a deep dark shade of burgundy red. Like my D&G Ultra lipstick in Lip Tar form. 

– Lip Tars are meant to be mixed, so I had a little play with it and found that a tiny smudge of Vintage, plus a good squeeze of Grandma mixed together makes the prettiest darkened petal pink (last photo below)

OCC Lip Tar Vintage and Grandma swatches
Swatched on arm: Grandma (left) Vintage (right)

-applies glossy, and dries down to a satin finish. 

-it is feather light, as if you are not wearing anything.

-If you have dry lips like me I would suggest exfoliating lips before using the Lip Tars because they do tend to accentuate flaky lips.

Pigmentation and wear time:

-Amazing pigmentation, in fact, the most pigmented product I have come across. A tiny drop is enough to cover both top and bottom lips, and I would highly recommend that you use a lip brush with darker colours because your lips will look like a mess otherwise. 
– Wear time is also just as amazing. Lasts all day, even through meals and drinking. The swatches were damn hard to get off my arm too. 

Lip swatch OCC Lip Tar in Grandma
Lip swatch OCC Lip Tar in Grandma- applied sparingly.
Lip swatch OCC Lip tar Vintage
Lip swatch of OCC Lip Tar in Vintage
me wearing OCC Lip Tar in Grandma
Full face photo- wearing OCC Lip Tar in Grandma

FOTD wearing OCC Lip Tar in Vintage
Full face photo- wearing OCC Lip Tar in Vintage

wearing a mix of OCC lip tar in Grandma and Vintage
Full face photo wearing a mix of Grandma and Vintage

Overall impression:

Loving the product. Even though it takes a bit of prep and careful application, it stays on your lips forever- a great party lip product. I have put an order through the Makeup and Glow website for Melange and Clear.
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