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Paula’s Choice Berry & Bright Lip Collection: Review and Swatches

Paula's Choice Lip Crayons

lip swatches: (from top) Winter Berry, Current, Plum. 


“This exclusive set of four luxuriously comfortable, long-lasting, satin-matte lip colours features three deep, rich shades and one sheer shade with shimmer that’s perfect for creating a festive, wintertime look.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to trial the Paula’s Choice Berry & Bright Lip Collection. This collection consists of 3 highly pigmented lip colours, and one layering shade- Winter Berry is a cool toned red, Current is a fuschia red, Plum is a deep purple-ish berry. ‘Sugar’ is a sheer silverish shimmer that can be layered over the top of the other shades.

I’m impressed with the formulation of these. They are non-drying on the lips, they don’t bleed, and they stay around forever and a day! I’ll often have a residual stain in the morning after removing this the night before. On me these are closer to satin finish with a slight sheen than a matte finish- you can blot and powder over the top to get a true matte if you wish.

Price:  $70


Paula's Choice makeupPaula's Choice makeup-4swatches: Plum, Winter Berry, Current, Sugar


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NARS Anita Audacious lipstick: review


NARS Anita Audacious Lipstick-2


I purchased NARS Anita Audacious lipstick from Mecca Cosmetics on a whim. It was the first time I had seen the Audacious line in person, and I was so impressed with the formula it took all my self control not to pick up another few. I chose Anita because I have very few matte neutral pinks- NARS Pure Matte lipstick in the shade Bangkok is pretty, but awfully dry on the lips.

NARS Anita Audacious lipstick: review, swatches, FOTD

Anita Audacious Lipstick is described as an ‘antique pink’.  On me it’s an opaque neutral to cool pale-ish pink with some pastel undertones- on cooler skin tones it seems to pull a little warmer- Anita looked spectacular on one of  the Mecca sales girls, who has pale porcelain skin.

I find cool to neutral pinks difficult to pull off because they tend to bring out yellow tones in my skin and make my complexion a little bit sallow- Anita is just on the verge of being too cool on my skin when worn opaque, but looks nice when worn sheer.

Anita has a satin to matte finish, excellent colour payoff, and impressive wear time for a light shade (3hrs). It’s neither moisturising nor drying on my lips (but like any pale-sh colours, it looks best when lips prepped)



NARS Anita Audacious lipstick: review, swatches, FOTD

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Lancôme L’Absolue Rouge Mythical Roses: Bengale Rose review

Lancôme L'Absolue Rouge Mythical Roses: Rouge Bengale review

Lancôme L'Absolue Rouge Mythical Roses: Rouge Bengale review


Lancôme says…

“Lancôme went in search of colour where it expresses its purest radiance, at the heart of roses, by developing a colorimetric extraction technique to recreate their vibrant colours in lipstick. Radiantly luminous and pigment-infused colour is “extracted” from the very heart of each flower. Thus the world’s most beautiful flowers become a genuine source of lipstick shades

Each petal undergoes chromatic analysis to reproduce its exact shade using a spectrophotometer, which is a photosensitive cell coupled with a computer, recording the light reflected by the rose petals. Thus converted into colorimetric values, this data is then used to faithfully reproduce the roses’ true colours.”

The Mythical Roses collection from Lancôme was released at the end of January this year, and I was fortunate enough to try one of the 10 shades from this collection ahead of release. Bengale Rose looks like a straight up true red in the tube, but on the lips it’s a bright corally tangerine. It has a glossy, slightly translucent finish- which makes it very much a spring/summer colour.  I think it would spectacular on pale, cool toned complexions- on my Asian olive skin it has a bit of a k-pop feel to it (I’m not a fan of the k-pop look on myself, but there are plenty who will love this look).

The L’Absolue Rouge in Bengale Rose  is surprisingly long wearing- the glossiness wears off after about an hour, but  a persistent (and fairly waterproof) coral stain that stays put for 4+ hours, so this would work quite well on days when you don’t have time to reapply. On the lips, it feels lightweight and is non-drying.

I love the look of Comtesse de Ségur Rose (dusty rose pink), Amnésia Rose (taupish rose), Black Pearl Rose (deep crimson)- will need to have a play with these in person.


Lancôme L'Absolue Rouge Mythical Roses: Rouge Bengale Lip Swatch

Swatches from left: Illamasqua Box (close to true red- for comparison), Lancome Rose Bengale, NARS Heat Wave, Illamasqua Soaked lipstick.


Swatches from left: Illamasqua Box (close to true red- for comparison), Lancome  Bengale Rose, NARS Heat Wave, Illamasqua Soaked lipstick.

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Sisley Sheer Plum Phyto Lip Shine and Sisley Plum Long Lasting Lipstick: Review

Sisley Sheer Plum Phyto Lip Shine and Sisley Plum Long Lasting Lipstick: Review

Sisley Long Lasting Lipstick in Plum (left), Sisley Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Plum (right)

Spring is upon us in Australia, but as far as I’m concerned- vampy berry lips are not just a winter staple. Here are two plummy shades by Sisley- one from their Long Lasting Lipstick line, and another glossier product from their Phyto Lip Shine range. After test driving these two in person- I’d say that the Sheer Plum Phyto Lip Shine is the clear winner for me. It has a more modern, hydrating finish, and a slightly warmer tone that suits my olive skin better- I’m wearing it today at work, and I feel that it looks great as a 9-5 power lip with crisp white shirt.

Available: selected David Jones nationally


Sisley Sheer Plum Phyto Lip Shine and Sisley Plum Long Lasting Lipstick: Review

Sisley Sheer Plum Phyto Lip Shine and Sisley Plum Long Lasting Lipstick: Review

Sisley Phyto Lip Shine ($50) in Sheer Plum is a mauve-berry with a subtle glossiness and just detectable amount of silver shimmer (not so much a frost finish, but enough shimmer to keep the colour from looking flat). Pigmentation is medium.

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Illamasqua Glamore: Glissade and Soaked Lipsticks Reviewed




Glissade and Soaked Lipsticks from the new Illamasqua Glamore collection are  satin finish lipsticks with high colour payoff- the formula in these is new, and distinct from the rest of the (mostly matte) Illamasqua line. The lasting power of both Glissade and Soaked is an incredible 8+ hours (up there with the longest wearing lippies I’ve tried) through drinking and eating- mostly due to the tenacity of the colour stain on skin. If you apply these, and change your mind at the last minute about wearing it- too bad: you’re stuck with it all day (beauty bloggers note that you can only do one lip swatch per day for this formula).

I found these to be neither moisturising nor drying. They do apply evenly, with no catching on dry patches or settling into lip lines- so they are very wearable when your lips are in less than perfect condition(*waves*) .

Illamasqua Soaked lipstick is a bold tangerine orange with full opacity in one swipe. It is similar in colour to Illamasqua Ignite lipstick- Soaked is more opaque and is slightly more creamy coloured.

Illamasqua Glissade lipstick  is grape- fuschia pink with medium to full opacity in one swipe, opaque in two. It is similar toned to Illamasqua Magnetism (and similar texture and colour payoff), but lighter and pinker.

Illamasqua Glamore: Glissade and Soaked Lipsticks Swatches Illamasqua Soaked Lipstick Swatch Glamore Collection

Illamasqua Glissade Lipstick Swatch Glamore Collection

Note: These products were sent to me by PR for consideration. For more details, see editorial policy in PR tab.

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