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Jessica Rabbit inspired FOTD

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Thought I would do my first ‘inspired’ look. The Jessica Rabbit inspired makeup looks out there in the blogosphere are amazing, and I’m just a big fan of ‘inspired’ look posts, whether it be based on celebs, runway looks, cartoons, etc- they are just so much fun!

My look is based on Jessica Biel as Jessica Rabbit on Saturday Night Live. How foxy is she here?

I realize that without a red wig, some falsies, and breast implants, my Jessica Rabbit look is only halfway there, so if you are planning to do a Halloween look then I would advised at least two out of three of the above. 🙂

Makeup Breakdown:

-Smashbox single eyeshadow ‘Ink’ all over lid to crease
-matte blue grey eyeshadow from my Inglot Freedom System Palette to blend ‘Ink’ into crease
-MAC ‘Shady Lady’ eye shadow in crease and blended up slightly toward brow
-MAC Copperplate eye shadow under bottom lashline
-MAC Jardin Aires pigment used wet for inner corner highlight.
-UD 24/7 liner in zero, bottom waterline and to tightline upper lid
-MAC liquid eye liner upper lashline with a flick outwards.

-MAC Gingerly blush mixed with MAC Bronzer in Golden
– MAC Cherry lip liner
-MAC Russian Red lipglass

…. and then comes the cam whoring…

I think MAC Villainous Villains collection would be perfect for a Jessica Rabbit look. Unfortunately I don’t own anything from that collection.

Have you done any cartoon/celeb/runway/anything inspired looks or seen any good ones? I’d love to see them- share links in the comments!

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FOTD featuring NARS Ondine eye shadow

Hello folks!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far.

I decided to dig my NARS Ondine eye shadow from the bottom of my drawer (I seriously need to come up with some kind of makeup storage solution, things are getting out of hand). Clare’s FOTD post inspired me to resurrect it from eye shadow purgatory, and give it some much deserved love.

neutral purples with NARS Ondine eyeshadow
FOTD with NARS Ondine, and NARS Supervixen lipgloss
-Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow in ‘Fawn Over Me’ (shimmery taupe-champagne shade) on lid
-NARS single eye shadow ‘Ondine’ in crease
-MAC ‘Mystery’ (matte dark brown) eyeshadow in outer V.
-MAC ‘Shady Lady’ (matte eggplant purple) under bottom lashline
-MAC ‘Jardin Aires’ pigment inner corner highlight.
-MAC Blushbaby blush
-NARS Supervixen lip gloss
neutral purple eyes FOTD with NARS Ondine eye shadow and NARS Supervixen gloss
Neutral FOTD with NARS Ondine, NARS Supervixen, Benefit Fawn Over Me
neutral purple eye makeup FOTD with NARS Ondine eyeshadow
Neutral purple FOTD with NARS Ondine and NARS Supervixen lipgloss
Products used in today’s FOTD
Neutral FOTD product photos: MAC Blushbaby blush, NARS Ondine eyeshadow, MAC Jardin aires pigment, Benefit Fawn Over me velvet eyeshadow, MAC Shady Lady eyeshadow, NARS Supervixen lip gloss
Clockwise from top left corner: MAC Blushbaby blush, NARS Ondine e/s, MAC Jardin Aires pigment, Benefit Fawn over me e/s, MAC Shady lady e/s, NARS Supervixen l/g.
swatches on skin Benefit Fawn over me, NARS Ondine, MAC Shady Lady, MAC Blushbaby blush
swatches from left: Benefit Fawn over me, NARS Ondine, MAC Shady Lady, MAC Blushbaby blush
Changed my mind last minute, and decided to paint my pout with NARS Bougainville instead!  
FOTD with NARS Ondine eyeshadow and NARS Bougainville lipgloss
FOTD NARS Ondine eyeshadow, NARS Bougainville lipgloss. Yes, that is lipgloss on my forehead. No, it is not meant to be there.

Do you have any products that haven’t seen the daylight for too long?

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Seeing Red: My red lipstick collection.

My Red lipstick collection NARS Heat Wave, Lipstick queen red sinner, Chanel rouge coco gabrielle, MAC Dubonnet, NARS Gypsy,Dolce and Gabbana Ultra, MAC So Scarlet
My Red Lipstick collection:
1. NARS Heat Wave: A matte bright orangey red. Review and lip swatches
2. Lipstick Queen Sinner lipstick in ‘Red’: A matte true red
3. Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle:  A satin finish true red. Review and lip
4. MAC Dubonnet: A satin finish deep brick red.
5. NARS Gypsy: A sheer berry red.
6. D&G Classic Cream lipstick in Ultra: satin finish deep wine red. Review and lip swatches…here
7. MAC So Scarlet: satin finish deep wine red. slightly cooler than Ultra. limited edition, part of the Cult of Cherry collection.
Red lipstick swatches:NARS Heat Wave, Lipstick queen red sinner, Chanel rouge coco gabrielle, MAC Dubonnet, NARS Gypsy,Dolce and Gabbana Ultra, MAC So Scarlet
My red lipstick swatches: photographed indoors natural light: same order as above
Red lipstick swatches:NARS Heat Wave, Lipstick queen red sinner, Chanel rouge coco gabrielle, MAC Dubonnet, NARS Gypsy,Dolce and Gabbana Ultra, MAC So Scarlet
My red lipstick swatches. swatches taken next to window natural light. order same as above.
?ps. If there is any product in this post or any other posts that you want me to swatch or review let me know!
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NYE FOTD with Nars Heat Wave

Happy first day of 2011!

My End of Decade Giveaway ended last night. Thanks to everyone who participated, and I loved all the comments about your favourite moments. Winner will be announced on this blog on the 3rd of January so keep your eyes peeled.

Last night we had a low key NYE party at Martin’s apartment (which had a view of the fireworks). Before we left I managed to snap some FOTD pictures, so here they are….

NYE face of the day with NARS Heatwave lipstick
It ended up a little bit pin-up girl, which I didn’t mind.
-MAC Copperplate all over lid to crease. Swatches here
-MAC Mauvement pigment on top of copperplate stopping just before crease. swatches and review here
-MAC Mystery eyeshadow to darken outer 3rd.
-MAC Blushbaby blush
-NARS Heat Wave lipstick. Swatches and product photos here
I forgot to bring any red lip liners to Sydney but Heatwave held up all night without feathering. I’m always amazed at the lasting power of this lipstick. My lips were still stained this morning from it (yes, I did shower haha)
NYE face of the day with NARS Heatwave lipstick and MAC Mauvement pigment
NYE face of the day with NARS Heatwave lipstick and MAC Mauvement pigment
New Years Eve FOTD with NARS Heat Wave lipstick and MAC Mauvement pigment
?I’d love to hear about your NYE look in the comments!
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The lady is a Vamp: Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick ‘Rouge Noir’ FOTD

Hi all!

Since the ultra dark lip started appearing on the runways (Rachel Roy Fall 2009, Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 etc) I’ve been secretly wanting to let my inner goth out and wear dark burgundy/black lipstick every day.

Like this…..

dark lipstick on Missoni runways
Missoni F/W 2010 image from

??…. and this 


Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 (image source:

I found the perfect dark burgundy lipstick a few months ago- Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Rouge Noir. It is a very dark (much darker than it appears in the photos below) very sexy, a little bit dangerous, shade of blackened burgundy.?
Unlike a few other deep dark burgundy lipsticks that I have tried (eg. MUFE Rouge Artiste #48), Rouge Noir applies silky smooth and the colour stays even throughout the day which is important in a dark lipstick because uneven wear is obvious and unattractive. Rouge Noir has a satin finish and non-drying.
Chanel Rouge Coco rouge noir product photos and review
Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir
Chanel Rouge Coco rouge noir FOTD
Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir
?? ???I like wearing Rouge Noir with simple, neutral eye makeup and a bit of highlighting on nose bridge and tops of cheeks to give skin a luminous look (which stops the overal look from being too dated)
With dark lipsticks like Rouge Noir, precise and even application is important (unless you were going for a messy look of course). My application below is pretty sloppy but if I was wearing it out, I would recommend applying the Burgundy lip liner first, then lipstick, then blot with a tissue, then go around the edges again with lip liner, and finally applying the Rouge Noir with a lip brush. High maintenance, I know.
Also, unlike me, you really should exfoliate lips first with Rouge Noir because flakey lips will be very obvious.
Chanel Rouge Coco in rouge noir face of the day
FOTD makeup breakdown:
-Laura Mercier metallic creme colour in ‘Gold’ for swatches and a review of this product click here to see previous post
-MAC Mulch eyeshadow lightly in crease
-Stila Smudge pot on waterline and upper lash line
– MAC Fleur Power blush on cheeks
– MAC Jardin Aires pigment to highlight nose bridge and top of cheek bones.
-MAC Burgundy Lip Liner
-Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Coco rouge noir swatch, MAC Burgundy lip liner swatch

Swatch of Rouge Noir compared to my darkest red lipstick (Dolce and Gabbana classic cream lipstick in Ultra).

From left: Dolce and Gabbana lipstick in Ultra, Chanel Rouge Coco Rouge Noir, MAC Burgundy lipliner

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So you’ve made through my long winded, pic heavy post! Yay!

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