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Face of Australia Dark Side Nail Polish Collection

Face of Australia Dark Side Nail Polish Collection   Face of Australia Dark Side Nail Polish Collection


Face of Australia’s Dark Side Nail Polish collection was released for winter 2014 (it’s almost spring here now- I am so ashamed at how late I am with my posts lately). The edgy, villain-inspired collection features a mix of creme finishes, glitters, and a holographic metallic shades.

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Autumn Nails: Kester Black Buttermilk and Uslu Airlines NMA

I was recently given the chance to try some nail polishes from Kester Black and Uslu Airlines by Australian retailer – who specialise in niche beauty and lifestyle products.

Prior to this I hadn’t tried either brands before, although I had heard great things about Kester Black from I was very impressed by the formula of both polishes- they both applied so evenly and lasted an incredible 3-5 days before any noticeable chipping.


Kester Black ‘Buttercream’ nail polish looks just like what you would expect from it’s name. Buttercream is a beautiful neutral milk coffee nude, which is almost opaque in two layers- as shown in swatch above (there is a slight translucency to the colour), and completely opaque in 3. The colour applies evenly with no streaking. I’m always overjoyed when I find a nude polish that doesn’t streak.

Kester Black is an Australian niche nail polish brand. All their polishes are  ‘Five Free’ (no toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin); cruelty free; and vegan.

Price: $17/ 15 mL



Uslu airlines is a Berlin based high end beauty company. Their products are named after airport destinations (I love this idea), and the shade  NMA is named after the Namangan airport in Uzbekistan.

I chose this shade because a deep burgundy colour is my staple nail polish shade- so I’m always on a lookout for a good burgundy that has the sophistication of Butter London La Moss (but with a faster dry time and better chip resistance). This one is beautifully formulated – holds up much better than the Butter London one, and is a gorgeous shade.

Price: $29/ 11mL

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Face of Australia Screen Siren Nail Polish: Review and Swatches


From left: Some Like It Hot, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Isn’t It Delicious, Monroe, Travilla, Bombshell, Platinum 

This is probably one of my favourite Face Of Australia nail polish collections to date: the collection is inspired by Marilyn Monroe, and the names of the polishes take after significant parts of her career and personal life. I’m really digging opaque nude cremes lately, and the collection has 4 of them- with some fun brights thrown in. For those who like matte finishes on their nails, there is also a matte top coat in the collection (Platinum). Matte nails look terrible on me, sadly. 

My two must have picks from this collection are Travilla (opaque pale-milk-coffee nude – index finger on image below), and Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (hot pink pigmented jelly- see swatches below). Travilla is the PERFECT autumn nail colour, my new ‘little black dress’ for nails lately. ‘Diamonds’ is a rare example of a fuschia that looks good on me- I think it’s the slightly translucent quality that makes it a bit special. These two have the best formula of the bunch with quick drying, smooth application, and good chip resistance. The formula of these are better than many of my OPIs and Essies.

Shades that didn’t work for me were the bright tangerine ‘Some Like It Hot’ (I adore the colour, but the product was so gluggy and I couldn’t for the life of me get an even application- was it just my bottle? I hope so); and ‘Monroe’ (index finger in the swatch below- the shade blended into my skin tone too much, giving me mannequin hands. Would probably work with darker skinned folk)


Index finger: Monroe, middle finger: Bombshell, index finger: Travilla, Pinky: No Angel 



Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Availability: Priceline, Big W and

Price: $4.95 AUD

Note: these products were sent to me by PR for consideration. For more info see my editorial policy in the PR tab. 

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Textured Nails: Face Of Australia Carnivale Collection

Textured Nails: Face Of Australia Carnivale Collection


I had my first ever textured nail polish experience when I received these Face of Australia Carnivale nail enamels. I’ve always been very conservative when it comes to nails- I’m a one tone cream or jelly finish girl (shimmer or glitter if I’m feeling super adventurous). So I haven’t really paid much attention to all these textured nail trends in the past 12 months- until now.

Oh my goodness these are so much fun. The glitter shades in particular look amazing (yes they do remind me of Venice), and I can’t stop touching my nails when I have these on. The matte ones remind me of concrete in texture- sherbert coloured concrete! Left to right, the shades pictured above are: Mango Slurpee, Ferris Wheel, Bird of Paradise, My Island Home. 

For the price point, the formulation is fantastic- they are super quick drying, apply evenly, opaque in 2 coats, and resists chipping for 3-4 days on me.

Textured Nails: Face Of Australia Carnivale Collection

Textured Nails: Face Of Australia Carnivale Collection

Textured Nails: Face Of Australia Carnivale Collection

“The collection features four gorgeous matte shades reminiscent of the beautiful colours found in the sky during a summer sunset. Four glistening glitter shades are inspired by the elaborate masks worn during the great Carnevales of Europe.”

“3 Free” – Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyle Phthalate free.

Price: $5.95 RRP

Availability: Priceline, Kmart, Big W, 


note: these products were sent to me by PR for consideration. For more details on my editorial policy click on the PR tab.

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Manicare Cuticle Care Review: Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Therapy



The colder months are never very kind to my nails, and we’re heading straight into hand nail and ouchy torn cuticle season. This year I’ve decided my fingers (and toes) deserved a little bit of TLC so when I received the press release for the Manicare Cuticle Therapy and Cuticle Remover I thought it would be a great thing to test drive.

I’ve been diligently using the Manicare Cuticle Therapy (which is basically a cuticle oil) twice a day for the past few weeks. It’s fast absorbing, and once massaged into the nail area my cuticles has the immediate effect of giving me ‘nail blogger cuticles‘. I like that.

The Cuticle Remover I’ve been using mostly for my pedicures-  my toe cuticles are really hard to push back and this helps soften them (there’s really no elegant way of phrasing that is there?). From what I’ve read, the active ingredient in this product is sodium hydroxide which breaks down dead skin- I assume that different cuticle remover products will have different concentrations of NaOH and therefore different efficacies. The Manicare Cuticle Remover is on the milder side and softens cuticles rather than dissolving or ‘removing’.


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