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Makeup Box Shop Organisers: Review and Giveaway

I’ve wanted a Makeup Box Shop organiser since I saw it featured on The Belle Lumiere years ago. It’s become somewhat of a beauty blogger dressing table fixture, and being late to the party on most things- I’ve only just acquired one (thanks to the generosity of the people at The Makeup Box Shop). After using flimsy plastic organisers from Big W/officeworks/Kmart, I can appreciate why people will spend the money on a good quality, solid acrylic organiser.

The Original Makeup Box is a 5 drawer organiser with 4 smaller draws (3cm high) and a deeper draw (7cm high) at the bottom. The acrylic is thick and the unit is heavy (in a good way), sturdy, and well constructed.

I’ve organised my most frequently used makeup items in this box for easy access in the bathroom. The top drawer houses my powder eyeshadow singles, in the second drawer I have my cream eyeshadows, in the third drawer I have blushes, fourth drawer is for lipsticks and glosses, the deep bottom drawer I have put my small eyeshadow palettes. The rest of my makeup collection lives in my bedroom.

Price: $118





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Dietlicious Gourmet Delivery Service: Review

Dietlicious is an Australian company that specialises in home delivered healthy gourmet meals. I blogged about their 5 day cleanse a couple of years back, and was recently contacted by Dietlicious a few weeks ago about reviewing another one of their meal plans. It couldn’t have come at a better time- Phil was working interstate in the coming weeks and I was facing the prospect of cooking for one for an entire fortnight (realistically eating out more often than not).

I tried the 1800 calorie 7 day menu - which is designed to provide a healthy daily calorie intake for an average male (or a greedier than average female). I was delighted with how tasty and interesting the menu was- with wholesome breakfasts like Rye toast with hummus; hearty dinners like Arabian beef with sweet potato, tahini and almonds with side of herb couscous; and yummy smoothies and nibbles in between. My time-poor friend Jeff told me that he ended up ordering a 7 day meal plan after I told him about it)- he said everything was delicious and surprisingly filling.

It works well as a meal plan for busy individuals who want a balanced diet, and also works well as healthy ‘emergency’ meals to be kept in the freezer.

A couple of important things to note with these meals- you will need adequate freezer space for the 7 day meal plan. I couldn’t fit everything in my smallish freezer and ended up thawing 2 days worth of food in the fridge to begin with. Unless you have a humungous fridge don’t order a 7 day meal plan for two people. Also- don’t make my mistake of putting the veges in the freezer (I didn’t read the clearly marked instructions on the front of the packet)

dietlicious GDS meals_-2

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Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches, FOTD




I had heard good things about the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line, so when Indigo Kir Royale told me that she was going to pick up a few things from Selfridges, I jumped at the chance to do a combined order (haul post here).

The Dolce Vita palette ( £38.00) is inspired by  screen sirens Sophia Loren, Monica Belluci, and Penelope Cruz,  featuring rich burgundy and golden shades that I love wearing in autumn. It is quite a versatile palette if you have a few neutral mattes on hand- you can do a bold editorial styled volcanic smoky eye (a la Gucci S/S 2014), a soft rosy eye look, or a garden variety warm bronzey eye (like I did below).


Apart from the glittery copper shade, the 3 other shades in the palette have a lovely buttery texture and blend easily. The glittery shade has a hard texture that is difficult to pick up with a brush- it is  best applied by pressing it on the lid with a finger.


Longevity is not amazing. I find that the eyeshadows in this palette do have a tendency to fade after about 5 hours unless I build up the colour with multiple layers- I would recommend priming well before applying to ensure all day wear. Disappointing, but not a deal breaker for me.


Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches, FOTD


Colour (clockwise:

Top left: pale pink champagne in a frost finish and sheer to medium pigmentation.

Top right: bold rusty burgundy in a shimmery metallic finish and full pigmentation.

Bottom right: khaki brown with subtle gold shimmer and medium buildable to full pigmentation.

Bottom left:  Copper glitter on a transparent base. I was hoping that this shade would be more pigmented/ dense (like a pressed version of Illamasqua Ore)

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Winter Skin Care Favourites 2014: Face and Body



As we roll into the chilly season I wanted to do a round up of my recent favourite skin care products for the cold weather. My skin is dry and tends to be sensitive- so I normally stick to sulphate free cleansers, rich moisturisers, and gentle exfoliants in my routine. I’ve tried a fair number of products in the last 12 months (#beautybloggerlife), and these are my must-haves. Many of them I’ve already reviewed- products reviewed will have an active link.


Sukin Replenishing Night Cream

This night cream works well all year round me- sinks right into the skin with no greasy residue, leaving skin velvety soft. The Sukin Replenishing Night Cream is probably my most repurchased moisturiser (on to my 5th or 6th jar now) because my skin adores it and it is priced very reasonably.

Kosmea Rose Hip oil

Another staple that I’ve used for years- once a week in warmer months and every other day in colder months. Packed full of skin loving nutrients, I think of it as my multivitamin pill for the skin.

Lush Ultrabland

Probably the most gentle cleanser I’ve tried, yet also the most effective with removing waterproof makeup. Amazing. And affordable!

Lush Angels On Bare Skin

My skin likes exfoliants that have densely packed exfoliating particles and no sharp edges (no seed husks please). This one is all that and more (anti-inflammatory, nice smelling, softening, super gentle), leaving my winter skin happy for days.

Jojoba Co.  Intensive Overnight Renewal Cream

This one is very rich for super thirsty skin, which is how mine are in this current climate (Canberra is very dry at the best of times, and the heating doesn’t help). My skin feels plump and soft straight after massaging this in, and feels great the next day. It’s quite a heavy formula – not one for the oilier skin types, and probably too rich for warmer months even for me.

As with every skin care product I use, this has no petrochemicals or artificial fillers. It features Jojoba oil, CoQ10, green tea, beta glucan, argan oil, and wild yam.

Dermalogica Ultracalming  Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30+

A good every day sunscreen with mineral sunblockers- titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.




Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

Thick and a bit sticky like honey but so effective on gnarly feet like mine when nothing else will work. I suggest putting socks on over the top after applying because it can be a bit tacky after application- but it’s worth the extra fuss for problem feet.

Kosmea Rose Hand Cream

Recently tried the new Kosmea Rose Hand cream, and it’s a hydrating, rose scented marvel!

Aveda Stress Fix Body Creme

Wonderfully scented with lavender and clary sage essential oils, and super rich shea buttery goodness- I’ve become quite fond of this for cold weather. As with all the products on this list- no petrochemicals or other nasties are in the ingredient list.

The Jojoba Company Tuberose and Clementine Body Souffle

Like  Aveda, The Jojoba Company also does a rich-but-easy-to-absorb body moisturiser that I’ve always liked for times when my skin is at it’s driest and most sensitive.

Lush Buffy Body Butter Exfoliant

I’ve gone through 4 bars in the past 6 months- feels awesome massaged into the skin in the shower and does double duty exfoliating and moisturising (the shea butter stays on the skin so you don’t need to use body lotion after showering).

People For Plants Lip Balm

I’ve tried quite a lot of lip balms this year, and these are one of the riches, most moisturising stick balms I’ve tried recently.


note: PR has kindly supplied some of the products for photography purposes. 

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NARS Surabaya Eyeshadow Duo: Review, Swatches, EOTD

NARS Surabaya Eyeshadow Duo: Review, Swatches, EOTD

I  have been looking for a quality deep rusty red-brown, as well as a dark yellow toned copper (without brassy undertones) for some time now, and I’ve never really been completely satisfied with anything that I had seen up until I swatched NARS Surabaya duo at my local  Mecca Cosmetica. This duo is EXACTLY the two colours and finishes and quality that I’ve been searching for, in one handy little package.

NARS Surabaya Eyeshadow Duo: Review, Swatches, EOTD

NARS Surabaya Eyeshadow Duo: Review, Swatches, EOTD

The right side of NARS Surabaya is a rich dark terracotta with a subtle burgundy sheen. The left side is a deep mustard copper (sans red undertones). Beautiful shades for fall.

Both shades have astonishingly good pigmentation and buttery texture- so much so that you could easily pick up way too much product if you use any more force than a delicate dab onto the pan. I’ve complained about the dryness and challenging blendability of many NARS eyeshadows- but this duo is exceptional, and  gives Rouge Bunny Rouge a run for it’s money.

My only qualm about this product is that the intensity tends to fade on my oily lids after a few hours, even with my usual TFSI eyeshadow primer. A coloured base helps, but I wish this was a product that stood up to a day’s wear on it’s own. Looking at other reviews, I don’t see anyone else really having this issue so, it’s probably just my unlucky lids.

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