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OOTD vlog on youtube ‘What I’m Wearing This Week’


I youtubed again- this time I ventured out of my normal beauty blogging comfort zone and did an outfit vlog, for better or worse! I had fun making this video and I think I’ll continue to do these ‘OOTD’ posts, it seems to be an appropriate outlet for squee-ing about clothing purchases (I don’t tend to do this in real life).

Feedback appreciated!

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BLOG SALE part 2: clothing


This is the clothing part of my (pretty gigantic) blog sale. I think I’m getting a bit addicted to purging/streamlining my stash, so I’ll be posting up jewellery sale items soonish  (part 3, dear lord).

The majority of the items listed here are almost new- and have been sitting in my closet because they are too big (ah the perils of online shopping). I do take in/up a lot of clothes, but things that are too big around the shoulders I can’t do anything about. Some items I just own and never wear. Either way- I need good homes for these clothes!

Everything is clean, but some items are not ironed (I’ve been lazy ahem blogging)

To give you a reference point for these clothes- I’m a shorty at 156cm, and generally a size 6-8. These clothes vary from a size 6- size 12ish. 



1. The sale will work on a first come, first served basis. Email me on jenny @ listing the items you wish to purchase, and include your PayPal email address.

[edit: I’ve had some reports of emails sent to bouncing- so email me at if that’s the case]

2. I accept PayPal only. All prices are listed in Australian dollars.

3. All sales are final (no returns). Ask me any questions you have about the product before offering to purchase.

4. I will ship the items within 3 working days of your completed (not pending) payment through PayPal.

5. I am more than happy to combine shipping for orders made within 24hrs of each other (ie. if you forgot to add an item which is still available, email me within 24hrs and I’ll recalculate the shipping).

6. I cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost or damaged during transit. All items will be packaged securely.

7.  Shipping for CLOTHES within Australia is $10 for one item, $12 for 2-4 items, $13 for 4+ items. International shipping is $14 for the first item, $16 for 2+ items. note: makeup  items SHIP FREE when you combine with purchase of  2+ items of clothing (both internationally and within Australia).



Staring at Stars Caged Chiffon Dress, size 6





Burgundy rust coloured chiffon dress with beaded ‘cage’ detail. Beautiful material, cut, and beadwork- just doesn’t suit me. The waist is elastic- will suit a size 6 -> a small size 8

Tried on once, never worn out.  $35  rrp approx $100 


Zara knit vest


Bought this when I was in the US 18months ago, and realised soon after that I look dumb in vests. Suits a size 6.

only worn 1-2x – $20 

T by Alexander Wang Long Sleeve Silk Blouse



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Another 13 outfits to go…


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Tiffany: What Makes Love True by Garance Doré & The Sartorialist

Happy 14th of February!

Am sitting at gate 39 Sydney Domestic airport waiting to board my flight to Hobart, and craving coffee.

Enjoy this sweet and oh so stylish mini doco by Scott Schumann and Garance Dore for Tiffany.

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Style inspiration from Stockholm Street Style

So, I really should be studying hard for a rather terrifying exam (worth 90%) coming up on Monday. That makes this the perfect time to peruse my favourite street style photography blogs!

Here are some of the images I’ve been drooling over, from Stockholm Street Style …



Love the intense bronzey blush, applied low, with the simplicity of her outfit. Youth in a bottle


Ahh Catherine McNeil, I would trade anything for your eyes. Also- the cut of that red dress is just stunning, especially with the long thin necklace that disappears into the plunge of the dress.


That necklace + the cut of the top = stunning.


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