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Lipstick Bandits Look Swap: Vampy Berry Lip A La Xiao of Messy Wands


Hello everyone!

Today the Lipstick Bandit cohort of beauty bloggers unveil their exciting FOTD makeup looks inspired by another member of the Bandits. I’m terribly excited because up until the moment this post is published, each member’s assigned look is shrouded in complete secrecy- the only living person who knows which bandit is doing which look is our Bandit leader Rae of The Notice. 

A month ago, I was sent an email a self destructing letter briefing me of my look swap. When I found out it was Xiao of Messy Wands, I gleefully did a Single White Female, and sifted through her FOTDs (most of which I had already seen in the past).

I based my look swap on this post, which is one of my favourite looks from Xiao.




Ms Messy Wands had a penchant for deep plummy lips, and through her I discovered the Make Up For Ever Waterproof Lip Liner in the merlot coloured #13C- which turns out to be the perfect base for a long lasting vampy lip.

I bought my MUFE Lip Liner from StrawberryNet since I don’t know of any MUFE retailers in Melbourne.

She also has the most amazing razor sharp model cheekbones, which I tried my best to carve out with some bronzer. I think plastic surgery would work better, but that would be overly creepy in that Single White Female way.


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May Challenge FOTD: Bold Lips feat. YSL Tuxedo Pink

Hi all, 

I know I’m a day late on this FOTD- I’ve been sorting out some issues with my commenting system and didn’t want to upload new posts until the teething problems are done.

This is my take on the ‘Bold Lips’ Challenge. I thought I would take this chance to wear a colour that I’m not normally very comfortable with. I’m totally comfortable in bright reds, corals, almost black vampy lips, but cool pinks/fuschias I shy away from. 



– NARS Smudgeproof eye shadow base.

–  MAC e/s in Nylon on bottom part of top lid

–  MAC Omega e/s in crease

–  MAC print e/s mixed with omega to lightly define outer V


– MAC Bronzer in ‘Golden’ to contour.

– MAC Fleur Power blush on apples

– YSL Rouge Pure Shine lipstick in Tuxedo Pink (31)


Do you have a lip colour that you tend to shy away from?

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YSL Gloss Pur 06 (Pure Plum) review and swatches

YSL Gloss Pur in Pure PlumYSL Gloss Pur in Pure Plum
YSL Gloss Purs are high shine, no shimmer glosses with medium pigmentation and a beautiful translucent, juicy look. They are, if you will, the ‘little black dress’ of glosses- for the times when you don’t want any glitter, you don’t want any plumping products or other frills, you just want glossy beautiful colour.


Pure Plum is, well, a sheer plum shade. It’s a great fall/winter colour and I think it would be very flattering across both warm and cool skin tones.

YSL Gloss Pur in Pure Plum swatches
YSL Gloss Pur 06 Pure Plum swatches
YSL Pur Gloss in Pure Plum on lips


bare lips
Bare Lips


 It has a lovely texture- non-sticky, good consistency, and with reasonable wearing time. For some darn reason though, if I don’t exfoliate my lips beforehand, I start to get these tiny Pure Plum coated balls of dead skin on the lips about 1.5hrs into the wear time, which is, needless to say, very unattractive. And it’s only with this gloss.

Does anyone get this with one particular gloss?

Overall I think Pure Plum is a lovely shade- lovelier still because it was on StrawberryNet for half the price it retails for in Australia.

YSL Gloss Pur in Pure Plum FOTD
YSL Gloss Pur 06 Pure Plum swatches on lips- full face photo

I just typed ‘THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!’ and realised it was only Thursday- boo hoo hoo sad face.

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YSL Tuxedo Pink lip of the day

Hello beautiful people!
I’ve finally gotten on the bright pink lipstick bandwagon today. Ever since I watched Katalina of cl2425‘s video of her massive lipstick collection I’ve needed wanted to acquire the elusive YSL Rouge Pur Shine lipstick in Tuxedo Pink and now it is all mine muahahah (thankyou StrawberryNet yet again!)
YSL Tuxedo Pink and neutral eyes
lip swatch YSL Tuxedo Pink
YSL Rouge Pure Shine Tuxedo Pink on the left
It is very bright so I did feel a little bit ridiculous at work today, but WHO CARES!!
It has a creamy glossy consistancy and will move around on your lips (and get on your teeth) if you over-apply. Pigmentation is semi-opaque but there is a transparent quality to it due to the glossiness (does that make any sense??).  Lasts about 4-5hrs and will leave a pretty stain on your lips after that.
It has quite a strong scent which thankfully I find pleasant, but I can’t quite put my finger on what the scent is. Any ideas?
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