Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner: Black Velvet, Brown Velvet, Grey Velvet

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner: Black Velvet, Brown Velvet, Grey Velvet

Since picking up these Daniel Sandler Velvet Waterproof Eyeliners online at ASOS.com (currently the only Australian distributers of Daniel Sandler as far as I’m aware), these have become my go-to eyeliners. When there was another 25% off sale, I picked up backups of the Brown Velvet and Black Velvet, because I hated the thought of running out and having to wait two weeks for a replacement to arrive. #beautybloggerproblems

The main things I love about these pencils are the great pigmentation; the fact that once they set on the eyes they are VERY fade resistant and water resistant; and the very practical wind up packaging (great for travel because you don’t need to bring a sharpener or a brush).

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner: Black Velvet, Brown Velvet, Grey Velvet

Black Velvet is a matte deep black- one of the blackest pencil liners I have seen and the intensity of the black hardly shifts through an entire day of wear. The only problem I should point out with Black Velvet is that it is very soft- so soft that on a hot day you will need to cool it down in the fridge for a few minutes to get a clean line (alternatively you could run an eyeliner brush around the edges to get a crisp line). Fade/water resistance is as good as the others, surprisingly.

Brown Velvet is a matte deep neutral brown- if you could put Bobbi Brown Gel liner in Espresso Ink in a wind up pencil, you would end up with this. The texture of this is perfection- applies silkily on the eye without tugging, yet has enough firmness so that you can easily get a clean, precise line when you want to. No refrigeration required!

Grey Velvet is a matte steel grey which leans blue. I purchased this purely because of the awesome grey eyeliner look that Pat McGrath created for Stella McCartney S/S 2014 – unfortunately the shade of Grey Velvet leans too cool and bluish for me to pull off [edit: I’ve changed my mind. I can pull it off after all, just not at the bottom lashline]. A pale, cool toned person would look fab with this. Formulation is the same as for Brown Velvet.

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner: Black Velvet, Brown Velvet, Grey Velvet Swatches

Full price for the Daniel Sandler Velvet Eyeliners – $18.35 AUD at ASOS and £9.25 from www.danielsandler.com

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Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Black Ink and Espresso Ink: Review and Swatches


Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Black Ink and Espresso Ink

The Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners have been my HG eyeliner and a staple in my daily makeup routine for so long that I’m a little ashamed it’s taken this long to write about them.

I love them because they are so long wearing- not only on the upper lashline, but also on my waterline. It is pretty rare for eyeliners  (including pencil, gel, cream varieties) that will stay on my waterline for more than 30 minutes, and these will go strong for 5+ hours.  MAC Blacktrack Fluidline is a distance second in terms of lasting power on the water line- not bad in the scheme of things but will still fade significantly at the 2-3hr mark.  The Stila Smudge pots perform about the same as Blacktrack- but they dry out so quickly in the pot that the product is virtually unusable after a few months.

Black Ink is an opaque black with good pigmentation and a matte finish. Espresso Ink is a dark blackened brown, with no reddish tones (I find it really hard to find brown liners without warm tones!)- it is quite pigmented, although my swatch doesn’t show it.

What is your favourite long lasting eye liner?

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Black Ink and Espresso Ink


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Mirenesse Inside Out 27hr Eye Liner: review and swatches



I was recently given the chance to try the new Inside Out 27hr liners from Mirenesse. I was fairly impressed with the performance of these on my upper lashline, and blown away by the pigmentation of the bright blue liner ‘Khnum’.

I’ve always shied away from using bright eyeliner but I found Khnum irresistable- so I wore it out on the weekend and am now a bright eyeliner convert (the makeup tutorial for that look will be up on youtube shortly). 

One word of caution- the liners are very soft, and the tip can crumble off if you’re not careful while sharpening the liner (kept happening to my Khnum mostly). If you keep it in your bag on a hot day it will probably melt- so don’t keep these in your bag on a hot day 🙂





Khnum:  Cornflower blue on STEROIDS. Full opacity in one swipe.

Atum: Deep khaki bronze shimmer. Buildable to full opacity in two layers.

Ra: Pink champagne. Sheer but buildable to medium opacity.



On the top lashline these liners last a good amount of time, with some minimal fading at the 6hr mark and a touchup required at the 8hr mark. Quite good for a pencil eyeliner, and on my oil slick eyelids it outperforms most eyeliners I’ve tried including MAC eye khol and the Urban Decay 24/7 liners.

I’ve never had much luck with pencil liners on my waterline, so I wasn’t surprised that these didn’t apply very pigmented on the waterline or stick around for more than a couple of hours. Only Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and MAC Fluidlines have any sort of success on my waterline out of the many many liners that I’ve tried.


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Drugstore heroes: Face Of Australia budge proof eyeliners




One of my favourite drug store items released in recent times is the Face Of Australia Budge Proof Eyeliners. I’ve been wearing the bronze and the electric blue liners so much since I first tried them a month ago- it was hard having to hold off reviewing them until closer to the release date. They are an example of how you can find high end quality products in drug store brands if you know where to look.

The packaging is ingenious- the lid unscrews to reveal the eyeliner pot and a mini eyeliner brush. The brush itself is surprisingly decent quality for something included with product- it is dense and stiff enough to give you good control over the line.


FOA says..

The ultra-smooth, pigment rich formula provides the precision of a liquid liner that’s easy to apply with the built in fool-proof brush. Create thick or thin lines that are perfect every time.




Blackest Black: matte black, semi sheer, requires 2-3 coats for full opacity.

Brilliant Blue: metallic electric blue, opaque in 1 layer.

Espresso: metallic burgundy bronze, opaque in 1 layer.

Pure Purple: metallic lavender, semi sheer.


My favourites are ‘Brilliant Blue’and ‘Espresso’ – both beautifully vivid, highly pigmented colours.


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Drugstore heroes: Physicians formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eyeliner Trio

Physicians formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eyeliner Trio

Physicians formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eyeliner Trio


Pencil eyeliners have mostly been bad news on my oily lids. I’ve tried a number of high end and drug store pencil eyeliners and they either smudge/transfer or tug horribly on my eye lids- so when I was sent the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eyeliner set as part of the new collection launched by Physicians Formula in Australia, I didn’t get very excited at all.

It was only after I tried the electric blue shade, then the purple, followed by all the other shades, when I realised I was onto a good thing. The pigmentation, smoothness, and staying power blew me away.

These are pencils that stay vivid and fresh after 1hr of sweaty cardio at the gym. 


Physicians formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eyeliner Trio

Physicians formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eyeliner Trio


Physicians formula says…

The perfect set of three eyeliners to enhance your eye color and provide glamorous definition! Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula for 24-Hour wear.

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Dermatologist approved. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Price: $24.95

Availability: Priceline stores (AUS)



Physicians Shimmer Strips eyeliner trio swatches:

Physicians Shimmer Strips eyeliner trio swatches: Brown Eyes set (first 3 from left) Blue Eyes set (last three)


The Brown Eyes trio consists of :

– a grape coloured eyeliner with a subtle violet sheen.

– A chocolate brown with a subtle bronze sheen.

– A black with a just perceptible violet shimmer. On the eyes it just looks black.


The Blue Eyes trio consists of:

– A black with just perceptible dark blue shimmer. On the eyes it just looks black.

– A dark neutral gold metallic.

– Intense electric blue metallic.


I found that the pencils did require going over a couple of times on the lid to achieve full opacity- but once you apply those two layers, the colour is intense and will not budge or fade for anything. It really is very waterproof.

I don’t necessarily agree with the colours Physicians Formula chose for specific eye colours (for example, blue eyeliner on blue eyes looks horribly tacky to me, but can look spectacular with brown eyes). I think that you should buy the sets based on the colours that work for you rather than adhering to the recommendations on the box.


 note: these products were sent to me by PR for consideration.

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