Healthy 2013: Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe

Hello all-

A super quick post just to share a recipe for what we had for dinner tonight. This time Phil cooked and I cleaned (I hate cleaning, but love eating everything he makes).

We stuck to the ‘dinner menu’ we planned 🙂 Hopefully it’s something we can make a habit of doing.



Recipe further down…

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Healthy 2013: Clean Eating Diary

Hello everyone,

The world hasn’t ended, the weather has been unusually nice for Melbourne, and so far it’s been a promising start to the new year.

Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2013? I have a few. One of them is a pledge to respect and take care of my body starting from today- for the last 6 months I had been over indulging in food and drink, getting lazy with exercise, and  generally being rather naughty.

Not the most original thing you’ve heard around this time of year, but you’ll forgive me for that I hope.



One small change I’m going make is to be more organised with meal planning- have a dinner schedule for the week so we can be more efficient with shopping, cooking, and streamlining ingredients. Quite often we’ll get home and be too lazy to think of a meal and doing the shopping for it so we end up eating out in one of the many many restaurant choices in our area.

The whiteboard (blackboard on the other side) easel we picked up today is a fun way to do exactly that.

If you guys don’t mind terribly, I am hoping to update this Clean Eating Diary at least each fortnight just to keep myself responsible. Don’t be shy with suggestions!

We made this last night….. it was delicious 🙂



Steamed whole barramundi with spring onions and ginger:

– whole barramundi

– ginger

– spring onion

– Soy sauce

– 1 tbsp olive oil (heated in a saucepan until smoking and poured over the dish)

– 1 tspn sugar



Stirfried water spinach with garlic

– water spinach

– garlic

– dried shrimp


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