Sunscreen series: Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+

Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+

Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+


Taking up where I left off with my sunscreen review series last summer, I want to share with you a product that I have been using almost daily since I first tried it. The Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield is a stick foundation with physical (not chemical) blockers, from a company that is dedicated to producing safe and effective UV protection.

Interestingly I’ve recently found out that through some phone calls to Invisible Zinc that this product isn’t marketed as a ‘sunscreen’ product, it’s a cosmetic product with added SPF, which is why the percentage of Zinc Oxide is not listed anywhere on the packaging or marketing (took me dozens of phone calls and emails to get the exact percentage from the manufacturer). More on that further in the post.

Invisible Zinc says…

This natural finish foundation-meets-sunscreen is the new one-step, day-to-night make-up with award winning Invisible Zinc® SPF30+ environmental protection built in. Preventing photo-aging has never looked so good. Glides on in seconds (no liquids, powders or concealers) for all day, gym-proof, swim-proof perfect looking skin. Apply buildable coverage for a flawless complete crème to powder finish- your beauty routine just got very simple. Available in Light/ Highlighter, Medium and Tan.


Price:  $42.00

Availability: Selected pharmacies, department stores, and



Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+

Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+


UVA/UVB protection, photostability, and safety:


The Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield has approximately 13%  micronised Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide gives broad spectrum protection and has excellent photostability (doesn’t easily break down in presence of UV light), but due to the lower concentration of Zinc Oxide in this product compared with what I would recommend for daily use, it needs to be used together with another dedicated sunscreen for optimal UVA protection.

Like all Invisible Zinc products, the UV Silk Shield uses only physical blockers (staying clear of chemical filters) and does not contain petrochemicals, parabens, or photosensitizing agents (like Vitamin A derivatives and citrus family essential oils).

note: not sure about the difference between chemical and physical, UVA and UVB, and what SPF really means?  go to my Sunscreen Lowdown Part 2.

Here is the excerpt from an email sent to me from the people behind Invisible Zinc products, which I thought I would pass on to you guys…

Dear Jenny
Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Invisible Zinc UV Silkshield range of products.
In answer to your question regarding the amount of zinc oxide in the products, we have been advised by our functional groups that Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield has approximately 13% zinc oxide in the products.  This percentage is the same for all three shades, the light, medium and tan shades. 
We also advise that a sunscreen should be worn underneath the UV Silk Shield to aid in sun protection as the foundation stick is not a listed sunscreen, despite its SPF30 rating.
Kind regards
iNova Medical Information Specialist


Product Texture:

The UV Silk Shield feels like a matte- satin finish foundation. Unlike other stick foundations that I’ve tried, this one goes on easily and blends quite well into my skin without feeling dry or heavy. Impressive. To be completely honest, I never expected this product to work well on my dry skin- given that stick foundations generally make me look cakey, so I’m happy that this works so well on me.

This product works well over the top of other sunscreens, and will actually reduce some of the greasiness associated with certain sunscreen products.


swatches: Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+ light,  Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear light

swatches: Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+ light, Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear light

White cast:

The UV Silk Shield has virtually no white cast, however the colours matches are limited to 3 colours so that can be a potential problem for some.


Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield SPF 30+ vs Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear

On my skin, the Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear doesn’t sit nearly as nicely as the UV Silk Shield. It looks and feels quite greasy, even when I don’t moisturise first. It comes as quite a surprise that for someone with dry skin- I much prefer the skin feel of the UV Silk Shield over the Tinted Daywear.

I know a number of people who love the Tinted Daywear, and I think it’s probably all down to how the product interacts with each individual person.

note: these products were provided by PR for consideration.

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